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When it comes to calling the bed, we generally think of women, it seems that only women can call the bed, in fact, men call the bed voice is very beautiful. Do you want your man to groan over you in bed? Here are seven oral sex tricks that the Internet has shared to get a man laid!

Cognitive sensitive zone

To get a man to call you, you must first understand where the most sensitive parts of a man are and fully master those sensitive areas. There are three areas where men are most sensitive:

1. The outermost part of the glans is called the turtle ring, which connects the head and stem of the penis. Please note that this is the most sensitive part of the man. In addition to caressing with his fingers, he can also use his moist tongue to constantly lick and tap here, which will bring him a sense of shivering.

2. The middle of the junction between the glans and the stem is also one of the most tender places for men. A man can also cry out when he continuously licks it with the tip of his tongue.

3. Testicles are particularly sensitive to pain, but if you treat them correctly, they can also bring your partner to the highest levels of happiness.

Now that you know the three most sensitive areas in a man, here are seven tips on how to stimulate a man's most sensitive areas.

Tip 1

Put your moist lips on his glans and rotate them slowly around the back of the glans. It doesn't require a lot of sexual technique, but it works because this is the most sensitive part of the other sex organ, and just sucking on it continuously can induce intense pleasure.

Tip 2

The highest level of oral sex skills, is to lick the tongue around the head of the glans, and gently rotate the tongue, when the ditch on the head of the glans, to gently bite with the teeth, which will make men have a feeling of numbness.

Tip 3

By this time he should be as hard as steel. Put your penis in your mouth (be careful not to press your lips). Then go around and around, turning his penis side to side in your mouth, touching different parts. But be careful not to touch him with your teeth. A wet slurp at the same time will captivate him even more.

Tip 4

Lie on your stomach or kneel in front of him and place the penis shallow in your mouth, constricting your mouth and creating a vacuum effect that will attract his genitals, just enough to draw them slowly into your mouth. Then place your lips firmly around his swollen glans and stems and gently push the tip of his penis with the tip of your tongue. And the lips start to move up and down at the same time. After a few minutes, replace the vacuum and repeat.

Tip 5

Run your tongue around the edge of the glans repeatedly. To effectively stimulate the tip of the glans, gently lick it with your tongue quickly and tease the urethral opening with your tongue. Some men are so sensitive that it can make him feel overwhelmed and groan uncontrollably.

Tip 6

During oral sex, rhythmically rub your hand against his entire penis or play with his testicles. Some men like it when you suck or sip and play with other sensitive areas. But please pay attention to the movement must be gentle, some men are very sensitive there, if the pain can be no fun!

Tip 7

On the back of the scrotum, there is a smooth, hairless area, like a baby's skin, this area is very sensitive to touch, as long as you gently rub it, or slowly lick it with your tongue, and the previous six tips, guaranteed to make him completely crazy!

After mastering the above oral sex techniques, you'll be surprised how easy it is to get a man to call you to bed. Enjoy the beautiful sex call of a man.


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