Thrusting Sex Machine

What's the point of flirting with a man? I think that's the first thing to think about. You want to be loved? Or fix your sex drive? Or is it just lonely fun? There may be different ways and "means" for different purposes.

Basically it's important to know your strengths and play to them appropriately. For example, men like my eyes, I will pay special attention to the visual expression of the eyes. How do I know most men like my eyes? Of course, I also used the opportunity to do a coupon survey.

I have a wide range of words, but I prefer a non-obscene sense of humor. Itch, but can't catch the feeling, for me is successful flirting. Getting naked is not a flirt. Dressing up so that the other person wants to take you down is a successful flirt. So, for me, it's not about opening myself up, it's about getting the other person drawn in. That's the fun.

How do you flirt when you're all dressed up? Use body language to help, of course. A sexy physical gesture can make a man have a sexual fantasy. Try some of the first versions of the flirting moves!

Place your finger on your lips:

Placing a finger between your upper and lower lips will draw a man's eye to your delicate hands and lips. Just do it naturally and don't bite your nails or your lower lip to get a springy look. It's too much. The more natural the flirting, the better. Otherwise, what would he want with you at the hotel?

Chin and gaze:

With a bit of lazy or coquettish cheek, supplemented by an attentive gaze. Men love to feel admired or valued, so if you don't know what to say in response when he speaks, just listen and stare. Remember, the chin lift should always be accompanied by a gentle gaze, not a swipe of the phone. It can almost go from flirty to boring.

Play with your hair lightly:

Adjust the action according to the different hairstyle, for example, you are like Qian Song Yi slightly shaggy natural straight hair, from the top of the head to the back of the hair posture does not have a flavor. If you have short hair, you can use the action of tucking your hair behind your ears.

Medium long hair is quite suitable for side pulling, as well as inadvertently exposing the ears and neck of the most beautiful. The act of tying a ponytail with your bare hands reveals the lines of a woman's shoulders and neck and the back of the neck that makes many ponytail lovers go crazy.

This matter varies from person to person, do not force yourself to avoid self-defeating, such as your hair is the kind of flower mother Chen Ju, just skip this move.

In addition to body language, voice expression is also important. If you are blessed with good voice quality, you can exude elegance and sensuality simply by slowing down and softening your voice. Close to each other's shoulder, close to each other's ear to speak, there is a kind of whispering interest. Lazy twittering when you want to go to sleep or just get up, with a sense of defensiveness in your voice, is also skillful flirting!

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