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As a sex educator, I receive questions from people almost every day. They face some difficulties in their sex life and don't know what to do. In this article, I will share six self-help strategies supported by science, which may help solve some of the most common sexual problems.

However, when you read this article, please remember that sexual difficulties are best solved through appropriate medical and psychological assessment. Since potential biological factors (such as hormones), psychological factors (such as depression and anxiety) and social factors (such as relationship conflict) may lead to bedroom problems, it is very important to find a competent professional to help you determine the exact cause and the best treatment plan. Therefore, if you have persistent, painful and / or painful sexual problems, don't be afraid to ask for help. If you don't know where to start, here is a convenient tool to locate a sex therapist.

1) Expand your definition of "sex"

Different people have completely different definitions of sex, but many people hold a very narrow point of view, and only regard interposition as real sexual behavior. However, the study found that people who hold narrow views on the composition of sex are often dissatisfied with sex, especially with age. Looking at sex from a broader perspective, you can get more opportunities for happiness and contact, especially when one party is not in the mood for sexual intercourse, but is open to other things. Looking at sex from a broader perspective allows you to participate in activities that benefit your intimate life in other ways, rather than making such a situation a potential source of frustration, disappointment, or conflict.

2) Try toys.

Fun toys are a simple way to add freshness and excitement to your bedroom life. It helps to deal with difficulties associated with loss of interest or desire. However, they may also help solve other problems, such as reaching orgasm too early, because through practice, they can help people with penises better control ejaculation. Sex toys are also a good way to explore your body. You can find out what kind of stimulation you like and don't like. They are also the most effective way to achieve orgasm. Novice sex? Learn more about how to integrate them into your sex life here.

3) Learn to grasp the present in sex.

Many sexual difficulties are caused by distractions during sexual intercourse, which make us unable to enjoy the feelings we feel, because we are trapped in our own heads. One way to solve this problem is to practice mindfulness, which is defined as "non judgmental awareness of the present". In other words, we are talking about living in the moment, focusing on our physical feelings, without judging whether they are right or wrong. Research shows that mindfulness training can help people of different genders solve a wide range of sexual difficulties. Click here for more information.

4) Pay attention to details.

Research shows that people who pay attention to details are more likely to obtain sexual satisfaction. Why? People who pay attention to details tend to spend more time setting scenes or emotions (such as playing sexy music, lighting candles, etc.), It can promote relaxation and awakening. Paying attention to details can also help you understand the things that make your partner crazy, which can give you a blueprint for more exciting sex in the future, so that your partner can come back and enjoy more. Of course, it's important to balance your attention to details with your current state. If you pay too much attention to details and make everything "perfect", it may be more difficult to relax and enjoy the experience. Just remember, a little effort can go a long way, and every time you pursue sexual perfection, it may backfire.

5) Try Kegel sports.

It is found that Kegel exercise is good for both men and women, and can treat a variety of sexual difficulties. For women, potential benefits include improved sexual function, such as increased libido, reduced pain during intercourse, and easier orgasm. For men, potential benefits include improved erection and better ejaculation control. That is, it is important to ensure that these operations are performed correctly and consistently (you can learn more in this article). In addition, if you exercise incorrectly or do too much, there are also potential risks. In addition, these exercises may not be suitable for everyone, so please do some research to ensure that they are suitable for you and follow best practices.

6) Learn to love your body.

The study found that women and men with negative body images often encounter more sexual problems. Why? Because it increases the chance of distractions in your mind during sex (such as "does my partner think I'm attractive?"), During sexual intercourse, actively try to hide some parts of the body and completely avoid sexual intercourse. Of course, dealing with body image is easier said than done. In addition, different things may apply to different people. For some people, the answer may be psychotherapy, for others, diet and exercise, and for others, the answer may be to reset your belief in the "normal" of the human body. No matter what you think, finding ways to build confidence is likely to improve you in the bedroom.

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