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How to give your partner a perfect blow job?I believe this is the inner doubt of many girls.For those things that are not taught in school, in addition to groping with close friends, take a look at the "oral sex" guide compiled for you by the editor of COSMO. Knowing the secret skills of oral sex can make the other person more comfortable than masturbation.

Oral sex tips 1:Oral sex can also burn calories?

British research points out that kissing, sex and oral sex burn a lot of calories.Women with an average weight of 66.7kg, for example, use an average of 68 calories per hour for kissing and about 100 calories for oral sex in half an hour, the equivalent of a 35-minute walk.
On average, sex burns more than 144 calories per half hour, while different sexy sex burns different calories.Women's cycling posture is the most calorie-consuming posture, with an average of 207 calories per half hour.

Oral sex tips 2:Do you have to wear a condom for oral sex?

Many people have low awareness of the crisis of oral sex.In fact, oral sex can also spread STDs, especially if there are oral wounds, such as sores or lip herpes.So, just to be on the safe side, wearing a condom is a way to protect yourself.Before oral sex, you might as well take a bath together to make sure both sides are clean.It's not bad for foreplay!

Oral sex tips 3:An unpleasant smell

At first, the biggest obstacle to oral sex may be smell.Even if there is no smell, we subconsciously feel that our private parts have an unpleasant smell, or feel dirty.So try to keep your private parts fresh and tasteless before oral sex.In addition to taking a bath, you can also prepare wet paper towels to clean, so as not to affect the sexual mood.

Oral sex tips 4:Trim your private hair regularly.

It is recommended to trim the hair on the private parts regularly, even if the hair on the private parts has not been completely removed.It's neat and tidy.In addition, I would like to remind you that short hair after shaving will greatly affect the tingling feeling of oral sex, so set aside time!

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Oral sex tips 5:Watch your teeth!

Whether it is male-to-female or female-to-male oral sex, you should know that oral sex is mainly to suck, contain and lick alternately with lips, tongue and mouth, and avoid using teeth.Because the private parts of both men and women are very fragile and sensitive, the use of teeth can lead to injuries due to difficulty in holding strength.

Oral sex tips 6:It's sexier to tie your hair up.

It has been reported in the UK that when sexologists advise women to help their male partners have oral sex, they can tie up their hair so that the other person can see the woman's every move, while stimulating other parts of the man with both hands, or performing oral sex for the man in a kneeling position. this will make men feel worshipped and satisfy the psychology of grown men.

Oral sex tips 7:Let him give you a blow job, too.

You can try to guide your partner from the lips, stomach and thighs to your private parts.Women have a sense of expectation.The key technique of oral sex is to draw a circle with the tip of the tongue and swing it up and down.In this process, the woman can instruct the man to exert a little light or hard force to stimulate the atmosphere.

Oral sex tips 8:Take it easy.

Finally, in addition to skills, posture and other external factors, in any form of sex, the most important thing is to relax, so that you can devote yourself to and enjoy the process.

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