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Pillows are essential to the bed, is also a secret love props. Whether you're using a specially designed sex pillow, a triangle pillow, or just an old pillow that looks like a regular explosion on the side, a strategic arrangement can give a pillow the ultimate sex aid.

In short, the key to love is comfort, which is also the point of pillow placement. By placing pillows on each point of your body that needs support, you can completely relax and enjoy intimacy. If you still don't know the power of pillows, here are 8 ways to use them.

Pillow position 1: soft and easy to bear

Put the pillow high on the edge of the bed, the girl's upper body lying on the pillow, legs together will be better. When your legs are together, your stomach will just press softly into the pillow, adding extra tension and excitement to your partner standing in the back.

Pillow position 2: Pillow fit for two.

The same goes for the last pose. Place a pillow under the girl's stomach and pelvis, then keep her legs tightly together. This will increase the tightness of the vagina, both sides will have a close feeling of fit. You may need another pillow for burial and screaming!

Pillow position 3: Massage stick plus multiplication

Insert a massage stick between two pillows, press your knees on both sides, and ride alone in a kneeling position to enjoy the thrill of vibration!

Pillow position 4: Stack sensitive tape

Pile several pillows into a cylinder and arch the girl's body over it. Place your favorite vibrating prop on your clitoris and press the clitoris and prop firmly against the pillow. It's more secure with the support of a pillow. The other half kneel between your legs and slowly slide your fingers through a hole (or two). Orgasm can be fast and exciting by pressing the fingertips in the sensitive areas.

Pillow position 5: Missionary Change edition

Let's see what happens with the irregular shape of some of the pillows that ordinary missionaries prop up under their hips. Maybe not some, but a bunch, just high enough to support the soft butt just enough to touch the GG. Slide your ankle down to his neck to penetrate deep.

Pillow position 6: female upper upgrade

Drop the big stiff pillow on his back and rest it more on his bent knees and thighs. Step your hands and knees over the hard GG. Kind of like building a fort out of long pillows. It might take a while to put it on, but it's worth it.

This is especially beneficial for less majestic people. The support of the pillow makes sexual intercourse more stable, unrestrained hands can be used to caress or stimulate the other half with props. Try to turn your back on him. The support of the pillow makes the Angle of the opposite woman more accurate and comfortable.

Pillow position 7: Comfort fortress

It's a bit like building a long fort. It takes some time to put it on, but it's worth it. Pillows are placed under the boys' buttocks and backs, which are good news for less imposing bodies. The support of the pillow makes sexual intercourse more stable, unrestrained hands can be used to caress or stimulate the other half with props.

Pillow position 8: back version change

Place triangular pillows or stacks of pillows along the edge of the bed (note), but instead of leaning over your hips, support yourself on your knees. If allowed, reach down and support the bed firmly with your hands. It's kind of like a back change, but small change, big stimulation... !

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