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The female superposition (also known as cowgirl or horsewoman) is an easy and fun way to enhance your sex life. Allowing you to expertly position your baby's penis to get the best stimulation or hit in the right spot, girl on top is actually one of the most popular sex positions. But what if we told you that it was actually a "multiple" sexual position that could cover a variety of different positions, and that there was no one clear way to do it? That piqued your interest, didn't it?! To delve into all the possibilities, we asked sex experts to try out a variety of positions and provide your favorite variations of the female suprema.

"As a longtime sex blogger and fan of all things sexual, I don't give up when faced with sexual challenges!"

I'm glad we stuck with it, because when we got the Angle just right, the position felt deeply penetrating and searing. I felt powerful and dominant without wielding a whip. What about the others?

These positions can be attempted with a man or partner with a penis, or by asking a same-sex partner to wear a dildo.

"Female top" sex position change type 1: joyride position

Generally, when I'm at the top, I act as a kind of grinder, and notice that bouncing up and down doesn't feel the same as swinging back and forth. But in this position, bouncing is the best way! As long as you have the upper arm strength to support yourself, everyone can do it.

How I felt: Fun, but tiring.
How your partner feels: Breasts look great from this Angle!

"Female upper" sex position change type 2: cross legs

Cross your legs to keep both sides close together, and the posture feels soft and tight. It's hard for me to increase any decent speed, so it's not really my thing.

How I feel: HMM.
How your partner feels: Good! You're too picky.

"Female upper" sex position change type 3: sofa candlestick

I think this is the closest we've come to defeat. This position might work well if you're shorter than your partner, but my partner and I are roughly the same height.

When we tried this, my head, instead of gracefully tilting from the end of his knee, was actually resting on the floor, and I wasn't seducing him, but I was holding onto him with my legs to save my life.

How I feel: No, I'm sorry.
What Your partner feels: We need a support.

"Female superior" sex position change type 4: lust saddle

Rocking back and forth on him, when he sits cross-legged? It's totally my thing. The problem is, we often forget that sitting cross-legged is usually a little uncomfortable. As a warm-up for foreplay, this works, but when his ankles start to squeak, move on to the next stage.

How I feel: Great Angle.
How your partner feels: I'm probably getting a little old for this.

"Female Superior" Sex position change Type 5: Love worship prayer

This is definitely for those who prefer a slower pace. It's easy to rub in the right place. But when my legs are crossed, it's hard to gain any speed.

The gentle swaying was intense, but to me it was a foreplay, not the main process. What's more, we did this on the floor, and my butt (it's winter, and I could really use something warm) meant that prolonged sex would put him on pins and needles.

How I feel: Pretty tough.
What your partner feels: I love your butt.

"Female top" sex position change type 6: dancing octopus

We set up a good rhythm together and put out quite a sweat. Unfortunately, we were a little too enthusiastic, and when we were about to climax, the other person would keep sliding away from me.

How I feel: Worth the effort.
How Your Partner feels: Is this what they mean by 'exercise'?

"Female upper" sex position change type 7: knee wave

This is really fun! My legs over his shoulders and my hands gripping the back of the sofa are crucial for building strength, but what about once I pick up speed? Comfortable! It's a good Angle for me. The only downside is that if your couch creaks like ours, you might get complaints from your neighbors.

How I feel: Yes.
What your partner feels: We need a new sofa.

"Female superior" sex position change type 8: rowing boat situation

This one, much like a lap wave, causes a lot of couch squeaking. But it also made me shiver sexily in just the right places, and it was incredibly easy to pull off. My chest can also be very close to his face, I give this position a thumbs up!

How I feel: Love it! Bury your face in my chest!
How your partner feels: HMMM...

"Female superior" sex position change 9: office position

I'm cheating here, because it's an ancient way of having sex. In fact, I do it so often that just looking at him in his swivel chair in our office is enough to give me a soaring desire. The perfect Angle and ease of balancing on the table means this pose rarely lasts very long.

How I feel: Perfect for quick sex, and definitely not into work.
How your partner feels: Call my boss!

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