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Many of us are having sex, but some couples are having less than their best sex, and it's even harder for women to have an orgasm. Little do you know, mastering some sex skills can help you reach orgasm more easily. With these sex tips, you can let go of your desires.

Know your partner's sexual preferences

To have an orgasm, you have to know your body. The so-called "know yourself, know your enemy, and win every battle." If you don't know what your sexual preferences and needs are, you won't be able to have orgasms regularly. By learning to control your body and familiarize yourself with the rules of sexual response, you can teach your partner what types of touch stimuli are most memorable.

Changing positions makes it easier to climax

The upper position is a position that makes it easier for a woman to reach orgasm because it allows her to control the intercourse process, such as the depth of the penis and the simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris, in order to achieve maximum sexual stimulation. Especially for women who want to be in complete control of their sexual activities.

Tacit understanding and communication of the soul

Love is not a person's humming slow, nor is it a person's piston movement, two people need to communicate, need the tacit understanding of the soul and communication. For example, when your partner is "off target" when stimulating your body, it can be difficult to achieve orgasm. So you have to communicate to each other in a timely manner what parts of you need touch stimulation, what kind of stimulation you prefer.

Intentionally increase muscle tone

Forcing yourself to tense, excite, and stimulate your nerves is a great way to orgasm. As sexual arousal approaches orgasm, a person's muscles inevitably tense up. This is true for both men and women, but it is especially true for women. Intentionally building muscle tone will undoubtedly help a woman orgasm.

His head hung over the edge of the bed

Let your brain a little hypoxia, let yourself more confused. Dangling your head over the edge of the bed during sex can also trigger orgasm. This easy entertainment can increase arousal and tension in some women, making orgasm easier to achieve. But remind your partner not to be too wild. It's not good to get a bloody head.

Breathe differently

Just like a jogger, getting your breath right will prepare you for the final sprint. Varying your breathing patterns can also enhance arousal and trigger orgasm. You can adjust your breathing to your body's rhythm so that your body tenses when it needs to and relaxes when it needs to.

Tease your partner to evoke animality

It's also a good idea to tease your partner lightly and sexily to bring out the animal in him. You can slowly ignite your desire by touching your own or your partner's erogenous zones. This touch can be stopped from time to time and repeated over and over again to achieve arousal and orgasm very effectively.

Deliberate moaning reduces anxiety

Private orgasmic rehearsals often help women who can't shake their inhibitions to achieve orgasm. Achieving orgasm, including intentional groaning and making facial gestures, can relax you and reduce your anxiety about orgasm. This is a very effective way to learn to have an orgasm.

Try using sex toys

In the aspect of sex, women should also keep pace with The Times, sex toys have become a trend in contemporary times, and they really bring more stimulation to couples' sex life. When you're in good shape, it's a direct orgasm. Recommended Durex heat pack condom, special thread design, wave type raised, increase sensitivity, more than a little pleasure!


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