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First minute: Start with your hands

Take her gentle hand and kiss her fingers. Fingers are the most overlooked sexual zone on a woman's body, according to a nail aesthetician who has studied women's hands for years.

Next, turn her hand over and press down on her wrist, using your soft lips to press repeatedly on each part of her hand. Don't stop until you can feel her pulse. Imagine how excited you are when she puts your finger in her mouth and sucks it. You can see how much she likes it when you kiss her hand


Three more minutes: Good kiss

Since her lower lip and gently suck 阭 her lower lip, the move by the two interaction among the kiss. This will make it impossible for her to ignore your advances. Then move to her upper lip, then the neck of her throat, earlobes, and eyelids.

This is definitely not a schedule class. You don't have to do it in this order, but it is the best order that has been researched and developed. Most importantly, keep your tongue firmly in your mouth, just use your lips and teeth, suck, nibble, and keep her longing.

Take two more minutes: Kiss harder

It's not just poking out a long tongue and messing around in her mouth. In fact, at this point, you just need to increase the force and stick your tongue in the right depth, about a third of her mouth. When you use the tip of your tongue properly and gently touch her tongue and lips, you will be able to tease her more and she will want more of you.

Four minutes: Kiss her all over

While most men think a woman has only three body parts: her mouth, chest, and pussy, if you kiss other parts of her body, spend some time exploring her inner thighs, the nape of her neck, the back of her ears, and the clavicle of her upper chest), she'll see you as a different man.

If you blow gently on an area after kissing it, she will tremble slightly, which is a good sign that her body sensitivity is highly stimulated by you!

Two crucial minutes: Both hands can do everything

After these 10 minutes, you can finally touch her breasts. But don't be too rough with them. If the tips of her breasts are already bulging with excitement, don't rub or squeeze them just yet. Start by massaging her entire chest with your warm palm, rolling slowly. You can adjust your force depending on how much she groans.

Last two minutes: Attack the Secret Garden

Before you go directly to her private places, it is best to warm up in the surrounding areas (clitoris, labia, clitoris, etc.). It will get twice the result with half the effort. In fact, the stimulation in these areas is no less than the pleasure provided by the vagina. At this point she's almost ready for you to enter, but don't be so anxious to keep her in suspense. Hover around her vaginal opening with your finger, but don't really get stuck in. At this point, you need to be on the defensive.

Last minute: Last check indicator before entering

Once you've done this carefully, there are three more indicators to determine if you can go deep inside her!

  • Stiff and erect nipples.
  • Heavy gasping breath.
  • Red clitoris with congestion

If she's clearly showing any of these signs, you're ready to move in. Don't forget to give her another deep kiss or compliment, and then slowly push your long-lost penis into her vagina. Don't rush into a rhythm, give her a little time to get used to your temperature and size, and then slowly accelerate everything. Finally, let the two of you enjoy the endless erotic world.

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