Sex,vagina-sized play with oversized dildos;Why are you obsessed,why do you or she want it,and how do you talk to your partner about it?

If you fantasize about using a big dildo on your partner,are you normal?The answer is,yes,of course,you're normal.For many men,watching a wife or girlfriend's vagina stretch is a great thrill.Maybe they're attracted because they don't have a vagina of their own,or are in awe of its wonder and elasticity.

Either way,the absolute control you have over her vagina,and the way it quickly returns to its original position like an apical Bungy umbilical cord, excites many men and women.

Thanks to one of our readers - and his questions about using a lot of toys on his wife, and his desire to try a very large dildo on her - this article was born. So, let's sneak into your partner and use a big dildo so I can answer B's question and give you some tips and information you can use.

I want to use a big dildo for my partner. Is that normal?

As mentioned above, it's normal to want to use a large dildo on your partner. You're not a freak, there's no need to label yourself an emerging BDSM skin dad, and there's absolutely no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed.

Instead, a quick Internet search reveals plenty of men and women talking about it, and a vast trove of sex toys to fill this growing niche - and her waiting vagina.

Besides, my own experience with this little obsession came from an ex, which led me to do research on vaginal stretching.

Check out my companion article and product guide Using a Large Dildo on Her: My Line of Large Dildos. Check out the offerings from online sex toy retailers, as well as amazing, handmade silicone and monster dildos. You'll want to have fun showing and using it.

Why does she like big dildos?

If you ask yourself, "Why does she like big dildos?" You might also wonder if it's because you're not old enough. This could not be further from the truth. We are totally, totally in love with your penis and the magic you create with it. But the feeling of being completely complete with an oversized dildo is different and exciting.

Think of it as Thanksgiving dinner. You have 50 different delicacies to choose from, and you'll eat 49 of them until you want to explode. Then, you go back and ask for more.

It's great, but it's not something you want to do at every meal. Also, using a large dildo in her life is very similar... A special treat.

That's why she likes big dildos:

Complete vaginal filling puts pressure on the G-spot, causing all the nerve endings to catch fire, leading to a huge orgasm that starts from the inside and then vibrates, vibrates, vibrates from the outside, leaving us with a depleted pile of sticky fluid.

If she doesn't like big dildos, you can consider realistic, fantasy, discreet, vibrating, glass, or metal dildos.

Does the big dildo stretch her vagina?

No, the big dildo doesn't stretch her vagina, and here's why: Vaginas are meant to stretch and snap back into shape. It's full of strong muscles that, when aroused, relax to fit even the strongest penis.

It also effortlessly squeezes out something 7-10 pounds, 21 inches long and 15 inches shoulder wide.

For a professional opinion, check out this doctor in Psychology today.

In fact, the only reason the vagina loses elasticity is due to the aging process. This is because we women begin to lose all the hormones of younger women after menopause. But for all that, the mature woman's vagina is still taut, snug, snug and ready for sex with bent toes.

So, don't worry, you can't park your pickup truck there after using a big dildo.

How to use a large dildo

If you're going to take the next step and want to learn how to use a large dildo, remember that you have to be prepared. You can't just pounce on the first hydrant that comes along; It takes a little practice and a lot of relaxation. Therefore, follow these steps:

Security permissions

If this is what you want (as a husband, wife or boyfriend/girlfriend), you have to ask permission. If you pull out a rocket that's 12 inches long and 10 inches wide, she'll probably run away screaming. Talk to her about your fantasy. Tell her what you want. You never know, she might have the same desire.

Go slow

When it comes to big dildos, start slow. For example, start with a dildo or vibrator a few inches thicker than you're used to. From there, you can buy bigger and bigger toys until you get to the monster sex toy of your dreams. Similarly, you are not stretching your vagina, just training yourself and your vaginal muscles to relax.

Use lots of lubricating oil.

When you use a large dildo, you need to have a lot of good lubricant on hand. This will avoid small cuts or tears in the vaginal opening and labia and ensure a comfortable ride. However, be sure to use the right lubricant.

Let her lead.

Finally, when using a large dildo on your partner, be sure to let her take the lead. Otherwise exertion can cause pain and tearing. So, the best thing you can do is stimulate her clitoris, play with her nipples, and do things that make her feel hot while holding down the dildo. The more excited she gets, the more she'll open up and pull the dildo in.

Above all, arousal is key. Before you start, make sure she's super hot, boring, and ready to go. Otherwise, her vaginal muscles wouldn't relax enough to use a large dildo.

Vaginal stretching is a normal desire.

Big dildos and obsession with vaginal stretching are totally normal fantasies. So don't worry about being a twisted fetish who needs to hang his (or her) head in shame. There are plenty of people like you, and there's an industry of sex toys that caters to this particular hobby.

So share your fantasy with your partner and let the exploration take off from there. Don't forget to read up on all the products available to you while expanding your sexual horizons -- yes, that's all pun intended.