When it comes to sex, all men know that pleasing a female partner is easier said than done. As men, we don't need much. But for women, it's often different. Whether it's the wrong moves or our technology, there's always a way to improve her sex life. No matter how you perform, it never hurts to learn a few tricks to make your woman's sex life better. Plus, better sex for her means better sex for you.

So whether you need a few key verbal tips or just to give your partner the best sex she's ever had (over and over again), these sex tips are sure to help you make the right moves. Check out the Orgasm Angel below and prepare to surprise her.

 Sex Machine


From oral sex to full-blown intercourse, and some fun, there are a lot of things you can switch between, perfect for really bringing her to orgasm. Of course, some things also depend on her preferences, so be sure to note what she seems to like and stick to it. Now, let's talk about foreplay first.


Of course, it all starts with foreplay. Whether you start with a simple massage or a kiss on her leg, there are some simple things you can do to get her excited and ready to go. Check out some suggestions below:

  1. Start with a sensual kiss. You can start from the neck down, or from her legs. Be gentle, take your time, and let her know how much you love her body.
  2. Don't be afraid to ask her what she likes. She'll appreciate you making sure she's satisfied. That way, you can follow her direction and not go wrong.
  3. Try to make fun of her. In other words, touch the clitoris for a while, then back to another part of her body, and repeat. It just makes her want it more.
  4. Don't forget the others. Although the clitoris is the most sensitive area, women like other parts of their bodies to be appreciated. Plus, she's full of sensitive nerves -- especially in her chest. Be gentle and don't just focus on the nipples.
  5. Don't rush anything! Of course, we couldn't wait for our turn, but instead you pointed the finger at her. Listen to her and walk at her pace. In other words, if she hasn't already told you to stop, don't!


The next step in foreplay is oral sex -- an area where many men get it wrong. To make sure you're looking your best, check out these tips for her oral sex:

  1. Before you put your head down, make sure your partner is comfortable. Tell her to sit back and relax. It helps a lot to get her excited and in a good mood.
  2. As with any foreplay, be sure to tickle her. You can kiss and/or lick her thighs, or from top to bottom.
  3. Be sure to pay attention to her reactions and reactions when you start doing things. When you notice something that really turns her on, or you hear the sound of heavy breathing, keep at it.
  4. Use a vibrator! Sure, your tongue may feel fine, but the vibrator can add the extra stimulation she wants. You can place the vibrator on her clitoris because you need to lick the labia with your tongue.
  5. Take it up a notch. Before you say it's a good thing to get to work, get her excited. Increase the pressure, speed up the tongue, and then put everything in


In the last set of sex tips we gave her, it was all about intercourse. While foreplay and oral sex are still important, what you really want to improve is the sex that really puts her at ease. To do this, see:

  1. Tell her dirty words. But choose your words wisely. You should know what she likes to listen to, so make sure you don't get too dirty, but enough to excite her and make her want it more. Whisper in her ear, tell her about her body, how hot she is.
  2. Always pay attention to the clitoris. While this is easy to do during foreplay, most men forget it during lovemaking. But in most places, it doesn't get a lot of TLC. So, as you progress, pay attention to it. Start with gentle stroking and speed up as she nears orgasm.
  3. Keep kissing! Although you may not like it, most women do. Whether you're kissing the back of her neck or the front of her neck, kiss her gently.
  4. Again, notice her reactions and reactions. If you notice that a particular Angle is working for her, stick to it. And, of course, listen to her. If she wants it harder, do it. Of course, if you can tell she's had enough of one pose, switch to another.
  5. Don't stop until she stops! Always let her orgasm first. If you want to give her the best sex she's ever had, you can worry about yourself later.#sex machine