We recognize that the shopping experience for transgender toys can be a challenge. And, in people who suffer from dysphoria, it can cause even more anxiety. When you buy sex toys, it's important that you feel comfortable and that you find toys that understand your sex toys.

We are more than the sum of our parts, and regardless of your (or your partner's) body and your relationship with it, please know that no sex toy has the same effect on everyone. Sometimes, however, the journey to orgasm and figuring out what caused it to happen is - at least - half the fun. So whether you're pre-op, post-op or taking hormones, we hope you'll find something here that will make you ask for more extra time and kisses, or theirs.

Let's also take a moment to talk to sexologist and transgender woman Shoshana Rosenberg about MTF sexuality. Rosenberg's first hormone therapy consultation was negative about post-therapy sex because it was known to cause erectile dysfunction. Then Rosenberg said, "Screwed up," and took the academic view. A transgender orgasm, she found, can "evolve from a short, pressing orgasm to a long, deep one." Does anyone say orgasms last longer? This is correct. Jump right into the wonderful world of multi-dimensional orgasm games. Many trans women have discovered new areas of sexuality, including the neck, thighs, back and arms. "One person described achieving orgasm with nipple contact alone."


Some sex toys are so effective that they don't even know they're sex toys, and they've been satisfying customers since the 1960s. Let's take a look back at the history of sex toys and pay homage to wands, massagers, people on call. Interesting fact is that the Original Magic Wand vibrator is considered a symbol of female sexual liberation. And, according to sex educator Lisa Finn, it's still powerful for today's gender-affirming trans women.

So why, oh, why do you want a pleasure from the Sex toy Hall of Fame, you ask. Octavia Leona Kohner, a sex educator in New York, said that for some nonsurgical transgender women whose nerves are distributed over a larger area, low-frequency, more rumbling vibrations can make a difference. The added benefit of this happy-go-lucky toy is that it really isn't for people who might be experiencing gender unrest. Wands come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, many of which are made of high-grade silicone to ensure the body is safe and easy to clean. Alternatively, you can do some 1960s role-playing with your playmates or by yourself and pretend you're participating in your own sexual revolution. Because in some ways, you are, right?


Whether you want to spend quality time with yourself or others, you can find something here for any occasion. Our Bullet Vibrators and Eggs series offer small Vibrators shaped like exciting tongues that will target a large number of pleasure centers.

The beauty of bullet vibrator is that it offers a chance to step away from your genitals if you are experiencing gender dysphoria. The sexperts recommend placing a sheet or towel over yourself and exploring the effect of vibration and stimulation of your newfound (or favorite) sensitive areas. Since your mind is your biggest sex organ, we recommend you explore all the shapes and sizes, and combinations. For example, a combo pack that includes a vibrating cock ring or maybe a discreet finger vibe may offer you all the right tools for toe-curling experimentation and some sexual healing.


The best part that separates your cheeks is that the butt is a love instrument that anyone can play. If you have genital anxiety, Kohner says, you should try to get used to "butt stuff."

Don’t just dive in, though; anal training is extra important if you or your partner are having anal sex and penetration for the first time. You will need to understand what you are working with anatomy, how to prepare, and some tips for relaxing into the matter of full penetration anal sex. Remember, if you're new to this, make sure you and your partner are constantly communicating so you can learn together. They say shared interests bring you closer together, so why not give your hips a little bump?

Before long, you’ll be wandering into the wonderful world of butt plugs (which are also one of the best sex toys for men and people with penises) that do everything from vibrate, contain rolling weights, and help you mutate into a mythical horned beast (or rainbow unicorn, if you like to play dress-up, Giddy up!). 


Not all pulse strokers are created equal, and the first you’ll see here is the “Guybrator.” No, I’m not joking. Before you click away or skip on by, remember: That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. And, oh how sweet it is to be loved by yourself, or with someone fun while using this oscillating ‘PulsePlate’ to target hot spots, which can be used while being held in place or while stroking with the toy. As an added bonus, the Guybrator vibrates on the outside as well as the inside, so it can provide external stimulation if someone wants to sit on the toy solo or while being used on someone else’s shaft.

Then, there are strokers built like all the parts of the body we all like most — juicy lips (those up top and down below), or for a little rump a pump. Many are made with anatomical accuracy from lifelike materials, and feature tips of tongues, and even teeth if you like your little joy mixed with a little pleasurable pain. Dual pussy and ass strokers offer you options for whichever end suits your mood. Some even come complete with lifelike tissues made to feel like the muscular movements that fly you to or into the moon.


Insertion control in post-operative transgender women is key to avoiding painful feelings of "hitting the wall" with their partners. Let's talk about some creatively helpful dilators to help you and your partner find the sweet spot.

Some expanders start at the pinky and slowly expand as you unlock your ability to play with some enjoyable new Nani. Some companies are taking extra steps, including helpful, instructional videos to increase your physical and mental awareness of how your new vagina will receive penetration.

Amy Stein, a physical therapist, specializing in pelvic floor issues, explained to Cosmo that when it comes to gender affirmation surgery, there’s always a risk of complications. “It’s not a perfect science, so because of that, the opening or the length of the opening is not always what they want it to be for their partners.” 

Dilators like these should not replace the ones your doctor provided, but they can be used as supplementary when you’re ready to start playing instead of doing neo-vag-gymnastics. Some dilators include a handy ring on the end where you can fit a vibe to make your exercise more of a fun ride. Give yourself the gift of a ring-base for easy insertion and slip-control, too. 

While you’re at it, trust the sexperts, and try some cock rings on your dilator to play with the depth of insertion while you’re getting to know your pretty new puss. Bonus: cock rings keep a horned-up shaft ready to last, making them just the thing for a trans woman who enjoys penetrative sex.

Incorporating cock rings into your dilator play can help you prepare for penetration, and they can also help your partner understand how your neo-vag works. Communicate with your playmate(s), and always do your warmup first. You just might find that it’s not such a stretch to get your freak on.


We want you to have control, SO MANY CONTROLS. There is a horn-ucopia of versatile vibrators with so many controls and functions, we know you’ll find more ways to play with them than those that may be listed on the box.


Some particularly popular models come with options for flexible fun with vibes on two ends and one on the base so you can get creative with your play — surround the clit, tickle the tush, place on the peen, massage your prostate, wrap it around any pleasure center, or try out that nipple game we talked about earlier and see what dreams may come. 


There are stainless steel, body-conscious shapes that provide coverage for all those nerve-endings inside and outside that will provide you with mind-bending, body-grinding ecstasy. There are plenty of multi-use vibrators with enough motor power to tame all your wild horses, and then some. Some are designed to contour to your body, clip into your underwear, or even be controlled from a distance by your partner, or a new beautiful stranger. 

A quick note on safety: For those post-op neo-vagina owners, if your new puss is made with digestive tissues, avoid lubes that contain carrageenan. 

If there is one essential for any sexy tool kit, no matter what tool you have for having sex, you will need lube to help with glide the slide for motion in your ocean. For more on the ocean, we recommend opting for a lube that’s made with safety for your body and the planet in mind. Some are edible, paraben-free, and even vegan. With these kinds of options on the menu, you know you’ll find something to satisfy every thirst.


Lest we forget our O-inducing air stimulators! These little pockets of pleasure offer the kind of action that we can all agree hits the spot with a little suck. Guide the tip of this magical mystery maker to anywhere you want to feel the pull and let the gentle suction blow all your cares away.