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The annual Christmas is coming again! Christmas is one of the most romantic holidays for couples every year. In this cold December, don't miss the opportunity to have romantic sex with your lover. Here are three special sex positions for couples to make the cold Christmas Eve burn like a fire.

See here, single friends, do not feel a little lonely feel cold? Of course did not forget you, the last of the article, single ladies limited Christmas orgasm masturbation position, so that you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Christmas alone!

I'm your sexy little moose: Sledge pose

When you think of Christmas, you think of cute elk pulling Santa's sleigh, right? That's right! This sex position was inspired by "sleigh"!

First invite your significant other to lie flat on the bed, then you sexily straddle him, slowly let him into your body until you desire the deepest, then you can rock your charming waist back and forth, like a wild moose baby. If you like something a little more exciting, ask your partner to slap you with a whip or hand and act like a strict Santa saying, "You lazy little moose, hurry up! You're late for Christmas presents!"

Baby you are so warm: warm

Christmas every year is not immune to cold, but even in the cold weather, two people hold each other really super healing, sex, of course, also want to stick together to warm ah! This sex position is all about having you snuggle up, looking into each other's eyes and having an orgasm!

Start with the basic missionary position. When your partner enters your body, wrap your legs around his waist. This position will let you go deeper and feel the warmth of each other. This is bound to be one of the most intimate moments you'll ever have with your significant other.

Kiss under the Christmas tree: Let him give you oral sex

Kissing under the colorful Christmas tree must be one of the top romantic kisses in any couple's heart. But only this, of course not exciting ah, back in the room, let him surrender to your body, for a different kind of "Christmas kiss"!

First of all, relax your mood, then ask your partner to kneel down under you, slowly from your inner thigh, gently kiss, leaving a sweet mark, slowly to your beautiful pussy, let him begin to enjoy the most delicious Christmas dinner, feel his tongue flexible tease, you will find yourself can not help but have climbed the peak of the orgasm!

Your Christmas Eve: Orgasm yourself

This annual Christmas Eve, you deserve to feel your body in a relaxing and healing Christmas atmosphere with a high tide.

First of all, kneel on the bed with a comfortable position, this position can make the whole body of blood flow to your pubic area, so that you can feel excited faster, adjust breathing, relax the body, and then use a massage stick or fingers to explore your clitoris, and then gently in their vaginal mouth back and forth, and then deep into, pumping, although greedy let oneself reach the peak of orgasm, Because it's Christmas, of course to love yourself!

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