Rabbit Vibrators

Knowing what kind of stimulation and extra features you like can help you choose a rabbit vibrator that gives you what you really want.

We live in a wonderful time when there are countless kinds of sleek silicone toys that do things we didn't even know we needed - heat, remote control, music sensing, we have it all!

Classic rabbit vibrator

The classic vibrator has an insertable shaft and its name, the rabbit-shaped clitoral stimulator.

Rabbit ears nestled around your clitoris vibrate into a blissful frenzy. Interestingly, the use of animals in sex toy designs is one way to circumvent Japanese law.

There are many interesting variations, but rabbits are the only royals to rise to the status of sex toys. The Happy Rabbit curve has a slight curve that gives you delicious sensations along the front wall of your vagina and a velvet silicone rabbit to tempt your clitoris.

G-spot rabbit vibrator

The G-spot Rabbit vibrator has a curved or bulbous end to massage your G-spot. For many people, the combination of intense G-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation can produce some powerful mixed orgasms that resonate throughout the body.

Adjustable rabbit vibrator

If you are having trouble placing the rabbit vibrator in the right position, a flexible or possible rabbit vibrator that allows you to bend and shape it in any way you want!

This flexibility also allows you to vary the pressure applied to the clitoris.

Thrusting rabbit vibrator

As I mentioned earlier, pushing with a rabbit vibrator can be a little tricky because you'll lose contact with the clitoris, but that doesn't mean you have to lose that cute push feeling.

Even better, there's a rabbit vibrator to make for you! Shaft tip mimics the feeling of up and down thrust, allowing you to get the best of both worlds!

Rabbit Vibrator with Rotation

The rabbit was a wild looking thing! A pink jelly vibrator with a rabbit and spinning silver beads next to it.

This design is still popular, but now we have a smooth, all-important and safe silicone.

Triple stimulation rabbit vibrator

Or as I like to call it, the Happy cactus!

The vibrant Rabbit vibrator can really do it all, hitting three sweet spots instead of two! With clitoral stimulators, vaginal drapes, and anal beads, the only question is how long you can keep it up!

This is perfect if you want to enjoy double penetration alone, but don't want to navigate with multiple toys.

App-supported rabbit vibrator

Long-distance relationships really make sex harder! But our friend, the inventor of sex toys, has thought of it! Now you can let your partner control your happiness, wherever they are!

Apps allow your partner to flirt with you from the other side of the world. Not only that, but you can make your own fully customizable and shareable vibration modes to save and share.

However, this app isn't the only attractive feature! Nora spins her head for some profound and satisfying G-spot massage.

Rabbit vibrator with clitoral suction

Okay, that's an exaggeration. It doesn't look like a rabbit, it looks more like an alien ray gun to me, but I like female duos, so I think it should be sneaked in for people who prefer clitoral attraction to vibration.

I like both, but what I really like about the clitoral inhaler is that the stimulation is indirect and feels more like stimulating the internal structure of the clitoris.