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Today's sex position is going to go a step further and show you that you can do it for a woman!

Sometimes women want to enjoy the "do-it-yourself" feeling, and this position is ideal. Some couples like to put their feet on their shoulders to keep her focused while you move. This position also provides a good view, and if you are low, your back will be more comfortable. Consider putting pillows on the stairs for ease of use. If women find it too cool, they can cover their bellies.

The world is your oyster

This is the best position for two reasons: first, you have a wide range of motion; 2. When she focuses on your actions, you can focus on her. You can touch her whole pubic area as if it were soft, delicate clay, and you are in the final stages of shaping. Keep the lube on hand, because this position and movement will require her to open wide. Be careful not to grow your nails too long here. The slow accumulation of feelings will leave her lost.

The Sculptor

This moves between static and static positions. When you are stationary, you change the direction of your hand when you are moving. The women in the workshop refer to both positions as "take me home" movements.

Static position: Your hand reproduces the shape of a big C. As you position your thumb, imagine that there is a clock on your partner's vulva, turning the thumb in at six o 'clock and bending it at twelve o 'clock.

There are a few important things to remember:

1. Using the network between your thumb and index finger and the inner joint of your index finger, you can use a C-shaped motion to draw an arc, which induces sensation;

2.The inside of the thumb can be applied upward towards the navel to the G-spot on the upper wall of the vagina. This feeling can be further strengthened by using the other hand to press down on the pubic hair area of her abdomen. You can still feel this slight pressure on the side of your thumb through your abdomen. After using the C shape of the arc, try extending the C shape of your fingers and putting pressure on the pubic mound. Many women enjoy the pressure of being stimulated.

Motion position: In motion position, your thumb starts at twelve o 'clock and moves around her internal clock (twelve to six o 'clock). When you get to 6 o 'clock, change your position and insert your index finger and middle finger to complete the 6 o 'clock to 12 o 'clock part, moving in a full circle. Use your free hand to apply extended pressure to her belly skin and upward toward the navel to increase sensation.

G The man

G Men also had two variations of hand placement, A and B.

Position A: Insert your index and middle fingers and make a summoning gesture to press against the G-spot. Remember that the G-spot is located above the vaginal wall and you can press the abdomen to increase her sensation.

Position B: It's important to remember that your hand on top isn't just applying pressure. Remember these keys: Use your middle finger or thumb to stimulate her clitoris area, the fingers of the other hand to touch her G-spot, and the root of the palm of the upper hand to maintain pressure and stimulation.

The Frog Prince

Remember that swimming lesson you took? You can frog inside her with your index and middle fingers. Your palms can be vertical or horizontal. The idea behind this move is that sensitivity varies across a woman's vaginal wall. Foxtrot can be mixed with frog prince. During this maneuver, you move two fingers in and out of her body like a foxtrot so you can touch the sides of her vagina.

Don't keep your fingers coming back like homing pigeons. If she moves her hips a little, it's probably because she moved to where she likes you touching her, so please don't go back to where she moved your finger away.

Instead of using the drench method, it looks like this: kiss, kiss, kiss (lips); Twist, twist, twist (a nipple); Dip, dip, dip (between the legs). For most women, it's not relaxing or exciting.

Poking your fingers into her legs and thinking, "Yo, she's ready," makes a woman feel like she's operating parts. Solution: Pay attention to her breathing. The more relaxed a woman is, the deeper her breathing will be. A change in her breathing will let you know that a part of her has melted.

Within 30 seconds of psychological or physical stimulation, a woman's vagina will begin to secrete lubricant. Some women are born with a high amount of lubrication, which varies from person to person and can be affected by a number of factors, such as whether she is well hydrated, whether she is on medication, where she is in her menstrual cycle, and for women who have stopped menstruating.

Avoid immediately attacking areas of use, such as her breasts and pubic areas. Remember, her skin is her largest sex organ, so make the most of it. Linger in her body a little longer and use your swirl technique.

After hand stimulation,there are many possible developments, but many women enjoy the next most intimate act of men:kissing her underside with his tongue.With that in mind,next time you'll know how wonderful the tongue can be.

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