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Do you like Beast guy or warm guy in bed? The recent bed warm male massage technology is ramming, the author thinks that no matter what kind of sex, boys and girls hope to feel in bed two people are very enjoy it! Listen to the author on the bed warm male five secret skills, when a warm man is also to work hard ~

Men pay attention to interaction in sex, women pay attention to feelings in sex.
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Whether you're in a serious relationship or you want to be a good partner, how do you make a woman feel comfortable having sex with you and feel satisfied, without feeling like you're just using her as an object of desire? Being a warm man in bed, it's easy.

Tip 1: Help her undress

The idea of undressing her is simple. It's a way of disarming the other person and showing reciprocity, rather than waiting for the other person to serve you.

This is a way for a man to actively express his love and desire, not by taking off his partner's clothes in a desperate and rude manner, but by gently unwrapping a present you've been waiting for. A more thoughtful man will also pay attention to the fabric of the garment and will put it away instead of just throwing it away.

Tip 2: Take a shower together

Ask if you'd like to take a shower first, and if she doesn't mind, take a shower together! Not only is rinsing clean and hygienic, but it can also be used as part of foreplay. While the end goal is the same, showering together can quickly create intimacy and help a woman feel taken care of by flushing her water, applying soap and shower gel. Once in a while, the fingers will slide to the sensitive zone, in the bathroom can let nature take a little stimulation first.

Tip 3: Create a good environment

Are the lights too bright and too dim? What kind of music do you like? Is the room temperature OK? Would you like some water? These questions will make a woman think you're considerate.

Especially sex is quite thirsty exercise, you can prepare tea at hand. If you are in a place where you can take a bath or a hot spring, put hot water first, or prepare bath supplies and dry towels to put next to you. These little details will increase your warmth index!

Tip 4: Please the other person first

When you're a warm man in bed, you have to please the other person before you satisfy your own needs. During the process, you can observe her facial expressions and physical reactions, or ask her directly, "Is this the right place? Is it comfortable?" And so on.

When switching positions, ask her for her opinion, or make a feeler first. When you want her to serve you, ask but don't force it. It's important to respect her wishes. If it's an untried sex tactic, talk about it beforehand and make sure she can stop at any time if she doesn't like it, so she'll feel safer.

Tip 5: Chat afterwards

After the hug, kiss and chat is more important than before, "listening" should be every warm man's basic skills. Some men listen to a woman in order to get into bed, and then listen patiently to show that they are not just a jerk. It's good to talk about soft topics after the fact, and it's also good to talk about sex, but don't make any comparisons like, "What about my ex-girlfriend?" that's a big no-no.


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