Sex machines

Buying your first toy can be an exciting but frustrating experience. I know this because I was in the same situation not long ago. I admit, I'm not even sure what kind of sex toy I should be looking for. Finally, I bought some "first toys" before deciding on one that I can proudly call "my first toys."sex machine video

Through these experiences and the hours I worked, IT was no surprise that I gained some knowledge about selective toys. Whether you're shopping for a vibrator, dildo, or anything in between, here's a quick guide to choosing the best sex toy for you (so you don't waste as much time and money as I did):

1. Check the Physical Security label

Be sure to follow rules of thumb for body safe materials, including non-porous silicone, glass, and wood. While there are many truly safe toys on the market, there are also many counterfeit ones. Do some extra research to make sure it's really safe for your body. Toy manufacturers have realized that using physically safe materials in toys is becoming more and more popular, which is why they are starting to advertise their materials as "safe" when in fact they are not

2. Spend some time doing research

It's all for you! Don't be too quick to decide on the first toy you see. There are also some famous classics, like the rabbit Vibrator from Sex and the City. While they remain popular, there is no "magic bullet" for everyone (see what I did?).

G-spot toys? Docking plug? Suction vibrator? Think about what turns you on and where you feel it in your body. However, if something is fun, explore it! Don't be afraid to explore different feelings and impulses. Trust me, out of all the choices, there's always one that makes you sing.

3. There's no need to look like a jerk

I'm not saying you should stay away from cocks or anything like that. Go ahead -- be my guest if you like. But feel free to explore design-centric sex toys, unlike fleshy accessories. These toys are designed with anatomy in mind and are generally more comfortable.

4. Buy a good lube

Lube is great, whether you're a beginner or a sex toy expert. It reduces friction and makes it a smoother, more enjoyable experience. I highly recommend water-based lubricants because they don't interfere with the texture of the sex toy. The old "rule of thumb" was that silicone oil would break down silicone toys. But in my experience, I've found that as long as your toy is 100% silicone and unadulterated (which is common in cheap sex toys), silicone lubricants are fine. As always, be sure to field test first!