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As readers know, foreplay includes kissing, cuddling, caressing, etc. In baseball, second and third bases are kissing, cuddling and caressing, and home plate is sex. Many men only want to hug home plate during sex, and are only concerned with their own happiness, without any consideration for the feelings of the other person. Of course, how can they score without running? And this behavior in the girl's heart, not only will not score, but will be directly out. You want to feel good about sex together? Let's see how important foreplay is in a relationship!

Wet a girl with foreplay

There is a saying that goes, "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus." When it comes to the differences between men and women in love, the same is true. Whereas men can see, hear, or even imagine an erection and immediately enter a "ready state," girls need more time to reach a state of arousal and prepare their bodies for sexual activity, such as wetting their vaginas and avoiding painful penetration due to inadequate lubrication.

Here's what happens when a woman is sexually aroused:
  1. The nipples stand up and stiffen.
  2. The vagina is congested, swollen and damp.
  3. The clitoris and labia are congested and swollen.

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3 Ways to make foreplay more fluid

Female sexual arousal also includes psychological satisfaction. In addition to caressing, the sweet talk between two people is also one of the sources of pleasure. While it may seem like women need more steps to become aroused, which can seem like a troublesome feeling, there are gains. If they do manage to achieve an orgasm, it will only last a few seconds compared to a man's orgasm. Women can last longer and feel it more deeply. Even with enough stimulation, they can have waves after waves. However, there is nothing wrong with that. A complex design that separates the sexual organs from the urethra is certainly more fun and enjoyable than a simple structure that is a "stem"!

Here are 3 ways to make foreplay go more smoothly:

  1. Know your partner's erogenous zones: Many people don't enjoy love because their erogenous zones aren't stimulated. So don't be shy about asking where your partner's sensitive areas are. Asking, taking care of them, is the right equation for happiness.
  2. Quality not quantity: Don't touch here or dig there, and don't stay in any place for more than a few seconds. Love is not for the final report and rush, each other will feel your perfunctory attitude. Slowing down and paying close attention to how the other person is feeling at the moment of each movement can also help the other person identify sensitive areas.
  3. Kissing matters: According to research in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, kissing is not just a simple physical pleasure for women, but also a psychological satisfaction that validates their partnership. So in foreplay, use your mouth as well as your hands, and feel your partner's body temperature as you kiss!

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