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A fixed relationship posture is the enemy of maintaining interest! So when your partner has sex, don't try to conquer the world. This article will introduce you to four classic and passionate relationship positions, so that you can go beyond just one skill, and start your "sex" life by experimenting with many aspects.

1. Missionary position

The missionary position is probably the most commonly used romantic position, and there are many positions that extend from this position.This position is roughly to let the woman lie flat, legs open, knees slightly bent; The man's body between the woman's legs, hands or elbows on the bed, penetration. Since the relationship is face to face, the missionary pose can be used to kiss each other as they move forward, and the eye contact between the two of you can make the love burn even harder.

However, the stimulation of the G-spot is likely to be relatively small. It is suggested that the woman can put a pillow under the buttocks to change the Angle of penetration of the man, so that it is easier to rub the vaginal wall or g spot to achieve orgasm.

2. Women on top

The woman in the top, the man in the bottom, also called the riding position. Is the man lying down, the woman's feet straddle the posture of the man; Usually the couple will adjust the position and put the penis into the vagina so that it will sit on the man's penis. The woman in the top, the man in the bottom, is a woman control the dominant position in love. The woman can swing her body in a comfortable position, but it also requires core muscle effort. Without a regular exercise routine, it may take two or three minutes before she hears her abs whine.

Compared with women, men can not only be lazy, but also satisfy the visual enjoyment. It's a great place for men to rest when they're feeling drained. It is important to note that women are not suitable to fight too hard with men, because the penis is bent at a larger Angle. Without attention, the weight of the woman's whole body may compress the penis, resulting in the tragic consequences of penile fracture. In addition, family planning partners should also note that due to gravity, it is more difficult for women to go up and men down, so it is not suitable for the final sprint position.

3.Rear entry, Doggy style

This is the woman with hands or elbows, knees support the body, a kneeling position, the man to take a kneeling position, from the woman's back into the posture. There is a lack of face-to-face eye contact in the back, but an animal-like sex and wild pleasure. Because the woman is facing away from the man, if he suddenly attacks your sensitive zone or increases his strength without seeing his expression or movement, this sudden thrill is why many women prefer to lean back.

4. Spooning

Lateral lying is a position in which the woman can lie on her back or face the man, and the man also lies on his side for penetration. Lying on your side is an effortless position for both men and women. Most of your weight is not supported by your arms, but by the bed. Because of this, it is especially suitable for heavier men and women. The lateral position, like the missionary position, is ideal for the man to caress or stimulate the woman's sensitive zone while advancing. In addition, the side horizontal is also suitable for snuggling with each other, enjoy the aftertaste of sex after orgasm.

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