Machine Sex

Everyone knows that sex requires foreplay, but it must first make the other party want to have sex, right? Just like driving a car, if you want to drive, you have to start the engine first. But the car is very passive, but girls are not! The biggest problem is, you want to have sex, but the other person may not? How can you make Foo Kai turn on the engine of lust, let the other party enter the state, and have a happy sex journey with you?

homemade sex machine

1. Language has always been the strongest weapon

Although love is the greatest right, making love is not a right, but an experience of two people. Although it is the interaction of two bodies, in fact, it is the spiritual entanglement that precedes everything. Therefore, before all body language, whether you want to make sexual hints or explicit sexual expressions, language is definitely the strongest weapon.

But how to do it right? We have some scientifically proven methods that start with a woman's confidence. Because research has found that when women feel more confident about their appearance, they are more open to different sexual practices. Therefore, if you want to have sex with the other party, you must first make her more confident. Of course, complimenting the other party is not just about how beautiful you are tonight. You can pay more attention to it, for example:

"Your bust makes you so charming tonight!"

"Your perfume tonight reminds me of a delicious pudding, I want to taste you slowly"

Of course, the way of speaking varies from person to person, the most important thing is to tailor it to show that you have intentions to pay attention to her, so that she has real confidence!

At the same time, if she relaxes, they will orgasm more easily, wanting to have sex, and have better sex!

2. Create emotional appeal before making love

After the verbal offensive, it is time for the external environment to help you. Only by creating an emotional space can the other party be further invested in emotions. Of course, that sentiment doesn't have to be romantic, it can also be wild. But the most important thing, whether it is romantic or wild, in a hotel, at home or even in the desert, the most important thing is to make the other party relax.

Because according to neurological research in the Netherlands, if a woman's nerves are not relaxed, it is difficult for them to enjoy sex at all.
If you want to use the atmosphere of the space to make her relax, the easiest way to control it is to adjust the lighting on the spot. Generally speaking, yellow light is better than white light, and dim light can help them relax the most, but it cannot be stretched out. No fingers. Moreover, the dim light can make girls who are dissatisfied with their body shape feel more at ease.

After adjusting the lights, the sound is also a very important part. Don't play any TV, sometimes the TV will only distract you or him, and it will only make you less engaged at any time! Sometimes just listening to your breathing quietly may already be the best flirting sound! With a space with a good atmosphere, you can walk into a more perfect prelude to sex together!

3. Give her more hugs

On the other hand, please also remember to give her a little hug. Because a Harvard study found that as long as you hug a woman for 30 seconds, it can already help increase the level of oxytocin and make her more eager for sex, so sometimes you can really do nothing, a hug is enough.

4. You may wish to take a shower before having sex

You who are full of masculine sweat smell may not make the other party sexually interesting! But what is certain is that if you go to the shower with her, it will definitely make the other party more emotionally involved! It is best to soak in a hot bath, the blood circulation will make her body and mind more happy, and it can also make her mood more relaxed! Moreover, a man who makes himself dry and fragrant is not irresistible, right?
saddle sex machine

The use of sex toys can also make the other party more interesting!