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You may know all about sex positions 18, but how much do you know about foreplay? Besides caressing a woman's breasts a few times, what other sensitive zones do you know women have that increase their libido? Learn tonight and apply what you've learned so that she can turn on her erotic engine one step earlier and reach orgasm!

Undressed can open the sensitive band of sexual desire - ears

In fact, the ears have a lot of nerve endings and are so sensitive that if you target the ears in the right way during foreplay during sex, even if she is not undressed, her feet will be soft and wheezing.

Ear stimulation methods for sexual foreplay

First of all, many people know that the ears should be stimulated, but often a hard to wet the ears, for girls, this is not the most can enjoy the feeling of foreplay. On the contrary, you should understand the "luck". During the kiss, you should move to the next ear, Ping Ping gently to breathe, or whisper in the ear carefully. The sound and breath can make her have a feeling of numbing.

If you go any further, you need to work on her ear socket. Kisses and licks will always work, but take care to dry the saliva. Too wet to stand comfortably, gently stimulate along the ear socket, combined with the air, make sure her feet soft enough to take off your clothes.

The hidden sensitive band. - The nape of the neck

Many people make love, only for the positive side of the human body, constantly caressing the chest, and then concentrated pubic immediately formal insertion, not to say bad, but the human body, there are a lot of sexy belt waiting for you to discover, such as girls often use long hair to hide the sensitive belt - neck! In fact, the back of the neck also with the ears, can easily make the girls have a feeling of numbness and soft feet!

Nape stimulation method of sexual foreplay

Most of the time people kiss the neck during sex, but most of the time it's just a "must go" before attacking the chest, and it's done in a hurry. But you can try it. While the group is standing and hugging, you can slowly twist the girl around her back towards you. You can attack her from the ears and then swim to the nape of her neck. The same use of light kiss and light licking, combined with some air, a little work on the back of the neck, can make her magic to death, if after stimulating the back of the neck for a period of time, hands and then caress her chest, I believe she will immediately unbearable!

Number one libido zone - breasts

Of course, men have an indelible desire for women's breasts, and women may be undressed or bra, have been frantically rubbing. But are girls really comfortable with that? The answer is not necessarily, the atmosphere may make everyone very invested, but a girl's chest nerve is very much, gentle caress, in fact, can make her enhance sexual interest.

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