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If you're reading this, you know how amazing a sex toy can be for one person, and how it can spice up a couple's play. However, without proper care, a sex toy can quickly become rather banal.

On the low end, a dead battery for a sex toy can be annoying while you're using it -- it's a nightmare scenario to completely stop using, and we're trying to help you avoid that with this handy little guide.
Rechargeable toys (read: good toys) contain lithium-ion batteries, just like those you find in laptops, only smaller. While these batteries last a long time when handled properly, their performance degrades over time anyway.

Before we dive into the details, a quick summary:

Before using it for the first time, fully charge your happy object.

It takes about 2 hours to fully charge: Please do not charge your happy object for longer than it takes to fully charge, as this may affect the device. The device's lights should flash when charging and stop flashing (but stay on) when fully charged. Do not charge your happy object until it is low (indicated by orange light) or dead. Before storing something happy, make sure it's completely shut down.

When it comes to how often you should charge your toy, first find out how long it lasts - any reputable sex toy retailer will have product specifications that can tell you that. This is bound to happen, but try to avoid using your sex toy until the battery dies. Regularly charging from zero can negatively affect the overall life of a battery. Since each toy has its own unique battery life, you'll have to use some educated guesswork to know when to charge.

Use approximately 8 times per full charge. In this example, to make sure you're not charging with a zero battery, you plug it in after every five, six, or seven uses to keep the battery life longer.

Here's another tip for charging sex toys to make your vibrator vibrate longer: Pay attention to the temperature at the charging point. Exposing lithium-ion battery-powered electronics to temperatures above 30°C(86°F) for extended periods of time can reduce the battery's charging capacity -- and the effects can be even worse if it is charged in such conditions.

When you charge your vibrator, make sure it's in a place out of direct sunlight. Even a sunlit nightstand can reach quite a high temperature inside, so when you charge, make sure you do so in a cool, well-ventilated environment.

Is it battery powered? Remove the battery between uses: Maybe you're one of those people who hasn't switched to a rechargeable sex toy yet, or maybe there's a very special model you like but haven't updated to a more modern power mode.women sex machines

No matter why you're still using battery-operated toys, we recommend removing the batteries during use. That's because the battery corrodes your toy, produces a very low charge when it's not in use, and slowly drains the battery over time.

In its own small way, battery removal is more sustainable (battery usage can be sustainable) as they allow batteries to last longer before being thrown into the recycling bin and will lead to the overall life of your toy.