Vibrator Dildo

If you find that the vibrator works well,then the fake penis will be easier.Again,as long as it is safe and hygienic,there is nothing wrong with using it.You can read more about how to keep toys clean here.

There are some suckers or bases that can be placed on something,crouched and rode,or affixed to the wall or shower (don't slip!).But most of them can be used in your favorite position,the hole you choose,whatever speed you think is best.A good advice is,if you don't know how much you can handle,make sure you start with a small thing.Before you put the toy in your sensitive area,take some time to feel your toy and get to know it so that you know how it makes you feel and make sure it doesn't feel uncomfortable.

But before that, be sure to apply a lot of lubricating oil.You can find the best oil for your fake penis by looking at our lubrication guide.If this is the first time you use a fake penis and you don't know your depth or tightness,you may want to start with a small thing and then your way (as tempting as our John Holmes real penis).

If you crave good, good vibrations,but like your fake penis,there is a fairly simple solution.A simple rooster ring,like our world-famous vibrating Johnny,can slide over a fake penis,just like they will put any other penis,putting the vibrating part in the best place for you.