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Driven by vanity, every man wants to get braver and braver, playing ten rounds a night, but unless you're in your teens or 20s, the younger you are, the less brave you are. Here are some natural tips that might actually get you to drop the golden gun and have sex every night. But first you need to understand that a man's courage can be shown in two ways, one is long duration, the other is short refractory period (the time it takes to get a second erection). Different people behave differently. You have to decide which aspect of yourself to strengthen according to your situation.


Pay Attention To Foreplay

If your duration is really short, she will generally have a hard time reaching orgasm. This is the best way to help your mouth and hands. Give her a clitoral orgasm during foreplay, and while she's brewing a second one, suddenly give her a real jolt and send her up in the clouds. Get the timing right, and you'll be able to enjoy synchronized orgasms.

Keep a close eye on

Distraction during sex can reduce the amount of stimulation to the penis, so you will last longer. Of course, the mind should also pay attention to skills, do not watch TV novels SIDE action, or the wife adult angry under the trouble. Don't think of anything more exciting, like having sex while fantasizing about a sexy actress, which will only make you orgasm faster. Things at work, things with friends can be considered, but don't get too involved. Notice how she feels so you can adjust the frequency and intensity of your actions.

Multiple protection

Here we're talking about using two or even three condoms to reduce penis stimulation. Although many men do not like to use condoms, for the sake of safety and for the sake of women, you might as well use them. And, if you've been lacking stamina, you should use it. Wearing two or three condoms is a more effective way to prevent pregnancy, as well as reducing friction on the penis and extending your duration. Basically, most guys are more focused on foreplay these days, but if you're preoccupied with weight rather than quality, you're better off avoiding sex on the first round.

Shorten the refractory period

Cut to the chase, cut to the chase, because according to the report, the faster the first ejaculation, the greater the endurance of the second erection. Also, the sudden rush can be quite exciting for a mate.

Shift position

After touching, it is best to change the location of the next battle, such as living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Because the fresh air will definitely stimulate your desire to sprint again and get your head up faster.

Let things take their course

According to medical research, when men sleep, they have an average of three to eight spontaneous erections per night. So you can use this feature to your advantage by taking a nap after you've done it and setting your alarm for two or three hours to go off so you might wake up with an unexpected reward. Of course, this is all technical stuff. The most fundamental or look at the man's body. If he is healthy, he can be brave without any skills. So strengthening your daily exercise routine is the most basic method. Let her accompany you to go jogging for half an hour in the evening. It can not only increase your feelings, but also strengthen your body.

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