Sex toy machine

When consensual, an intense sex session can be a great, liberating experience that can help release tension, reignite passion, increase communication, and bring profound physical and emotional pleasure. Don't be afraid to ask for a pull or slap if you want (or need) a quick getaway. If you know how to have rough sex and follow some simple rough sex techniques, you can get the rough sex you want in a safe and enjoyable way.

Give him a blow job and drive him crazy

Men prefer oral sex because they feel like they're having sex, but it's a completely different experience - they can relax, accept, and simply enjoy having their greatest sexual desires fulfilled. Many men are attracted to the sight of their penis coming in and out of their mouth. Men can't replicate the feeling of oral sex on their own, unlike masturbation or even penetrative sex. Like a vagina, your mouth is hot and humid, but your lips and tongue are alive, wandering, precious works of art.

So, here are some tips on how to give him the best blowjob possible while also making it more enjoyable for yourself:

Show him how passionate you are about going down on him.

Mix it by hand.
Don't be afraid to spit.
For the most part, keep your tongue soft and loose.
If you like, try deep throat.
And there you have it -- all the blowjob tips you'll need to give a fantastic blowout.

Enjoy rough and wild sex with BDSM

Although rough sex is rough sex, it can play two different roles when two people with different libidos are involved. Harsh sex is often initiated by one partner, while the other partner is physically uncomfortable and turned on by toys such as sex cords and bed handcuffs.

If a man is in a dominant position in a relationship or in real life, and is not much pushed around with his career or lifestyle, then he may have more of a hard urge to conform than others. It was his mental way of getting rid of responsibility and control. He will appreciate his orgasm all the more because of the release of psychological control.

However, lovers who play submissive roles in romantic relationships or in real life may find that taking charge in the bedroom or acting as the dominant partner during rough sex using BDSM whips and bed handcuffs brings them more pleasure.