As a gay man, I always get frustrated when I Google "anal cleaning" or "How to use a douche." On the one hand, there will be extreme gay idiot's guides on how to prepare for a 20-man fist. On the other hand, there are writers of women's magazines who openly know all about anal sex and talk about it as if it were the most painful and terrifying thing on earth.There are a lot of fears and misconceptions about anal preparation. The "Prep your anus" meme may scare off some new ass players! Still, if you just want to enjoy anal sex without a colon exam, I'll give you a simple and straightforward guide.

What is flushing?Does an enema need a rough definition? Well, anal lavage is cleaning your anus in preparation for anal sex. The goal of rinsing is to minimize the chances that fecal matter and/or foul smells will disrupt your anal sex session. Most flusher use simple water to clean your rectum. The flusher "squeezes" or "pulls" the water many times during the process. The aim is to flush away feces, large or small, that would otherwise disrupt anal sex.

There are 4 main types of anal lavage that you will encounter. They are:1.Shower enema - Rinse nozzle connected to shower hose.2.Ball enema: Ball enema usually used before anal sex.3.Rapid enema - a medical enema filled with a special saline solution.4.Enema bag - Old fashioned enema bag, a bit outdated and slow.

But I generally don't recommend fleet enemas, because the saline in them can have the serious side effect of irritating your colon. Some people empty out their enema bottles and fill them with plain water, but it seems like a waste of money unless you really like the shape of the fleet enema bottles.I also don't recommend old-fashioned enema bags because they are slow and laborious to use. They also look very medical and old-fashioned, which doesn't put people in the mood for anal sex.In my experience, shower enemas and enema balls are the best tools to prepare for anal insertion. If you're a curious woman, or if this is your first gay bottom, these are the enemas I recommend. In the next section, we'll cover shower enemas and enema balls in more detail.

How to use a shower enema

Shower enema bags are a quick and effective way to clear your butt when preparing for anal sex. Suppose you're standing in a shower with the shower head firmly attached to your shower hose. Here's what you should do:

1. Turn on the water:Make sure the water temperature is moderate, neither too hot nor too cold. You should be able to rinse the inside of your wrist without feeling uncomfortable with the temperature - a bit like when you test the temperature of a baby bottle. Don't turn up the water pressure too high. If you put the nozzle of your irrigator straight up, the water should go up about 5 inches before falling.

2. Place the nozzle over your hole:The water pressure in the shower is high enough that you don't need to plug in your own shower. If you press the nozzle against your small hole, simply relax your sphincter; The water will naturally enter your body.

3. Douse your ass with water for five seconds:Unless you plan to recreate Dawson's 50 load weekend, five seconds should be enough to get water into your lower colon. You don't want to stick your butt up too long -- the higher the water goes into your colon, the longer your colon will be and the harder it will be to expel. Most anal sex only requires you to clean the first six or seven inches of your butt -- we're not going deep-sea diving here.

4. Hold on for a few minutes:If you can, pinch your butt and let the water sit in your body for 30 seconds or 2-3 minutes. Personally, I like to jump up and down on dry surfaces after showering and encourage water to clean all nooks and crannies of my body. If you want to be cautious, or if you want to stay in a slippery shower, jumping around is not an option.

5. Spit it out!:Spit the dirty water out of your ass! You can get out of the shower and do this in the toilet if you want, or you can do it directly into the shower drain if you're ready to deal with any poop that might come out. If you want to spray water into the bathroom drain, be sure to open the drain cap and be ready to crush the larger... The rubbish.

6. Clean and repeat:Repeat the process until the water comes out clear and free of any unpleasant smells. This may take five or more repetitions, depending on the day, so prepare for a long rinse process.

7. Clean your hole :When you're done, be sure to clean your outer hole with soap and water or baby wipes. There's no need to wash your butt during anal sex if your outer hole tastes like shit during anal sex.