Anal Sex Toy

Air-pulse toys, often referred to as "clitoral suckers," are fast becoming the new rabbits.

Clever air pulse techniques stimulate your clitoris without direct contact, rather than using vibrations. Gentle air vibration suction and massage together provide an unprecedented feeling of orgasm.

However, some people say it's hard to figure out. You can use sex toys in Orgasm Angel Store, (everyone can use sex toys, not just women, by the way), and the nasal walker of the Air Pulse Pleasure technology to help you fall in love with this game-changing toy!

1. Ocean section

How to use an air pulse sex toy

When you're comfortable with your favorite opening, whether it's your imagination or some moral porn, use your fingers to gently unfurl your labia, or "part the sea," as I like to call it.

This can leave your clitoris exposed and peek at the toy through the hood. Don't worry if you don't get the hang of it the first time, most people take a few tries to get the hang of it.

2. Cover the clitoris

How to use air pulse technology toys lewd

Next, you want to grab your favorite air pulse toy and envelope your clitoris with a stimulating head opening. It may take a few tries, but I guarantee the work is worth the reward!

Orgasm Angel sex toy is clever in that it has multiple heads (all bodies are different) and it uses smart mute. You won't be able to hear this toy at all, it only works when it comes into contact with the skin - perfect for dangerous masturbation!

3. Test the Settings

Clitoral impulse technique

Now that your clitoris is surrounded by toys, you can start exploring different Settings for your toy. Slowly immerse yourself more deeply in the joy.

Again, practice makes perfect -- so enjoy the ride!


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