Chastity belt for men

How to wear a male chastity cage in three easy steps

1. Lubricate and install the ring

Use any personal lubricant and lightly apply it to your flabby penis and testicles - if you get an erection, you can't wear a chastity cage. Place the ring over the back of the penis and scrotum so that it fits snugly against the body.

2. Put your penis in the cock cage.

Place the cage on your weak penis, making sure the locking pin and hole line up. If installed correctly, the cage should not be too tight. You should have a little bit of space, surrounded by it, not enough room for an erection. Then, align the pins on the rings with the holes in the holder and connect them.

3. Lock The Chastity Cage

Just lock it is okay.

How to use the improved method of raising sheep to cover the chaste cage

Sometimes men can have a problem wearing a rooster coop; Their penises just can't reach the top of the cage. This can be troublesome because for convenience, your penis needs to be close to the voiding orifice instead of making a mess or peeing on the top of some cage.

So someone came up with a stocking method that could easily pull the shaft and glans to the bottom of the cage without fingers, tools or utensils. But because some people have a problem with their socks sticking to their penis, causing the foreskin to accumulate on the glans, some people have proposed improved socks to minimize friction.

So, here's how to put on a chaste cage with a modified sheep-herding method:

1.Fold the Stocking.

Using a women's stocking that reaches to the knee, or a thigh-length stocking or pantyhose, cut to the size of a man's calf stocking and fold the cuffs down until they are level with your toes.

2.Slide the Stocking Over Your Penis.

Put folded socks over the tip of your penis and over your penis.

3.Thread the Stocking Through the End of the Cock Cage

Slide the loop to the base of the penis and testicles, then place the cage on the penis and pull the toe and cuff of the sock through the urine hole or opening under the cage. Now, lock the chastity cage.

4.Pull the Stocking Out.

Once the cage is locked, gently pull the toe of the sock. This will pull the tip of your penis towards the bottom of the rooster cage, reducing friction as the sock slides. Once you're comfortably where you want to go, take your toes out of the cage with your cuffs.