Sex machines for women

Quick note: Throughout this article, we use "female" and "female" interchangeably for linguistic purposes, but acknowledge that not all women have a vagina or female reproductive system.

Did you know that female orgasms are different from vaginal orgasms? Buckle up, because you'll learn a lot about sexual health and female sexuality. Women experience the "Big O" in countless ways. Knowing what kind of orgasm you're experiencing (or want to experience) can go a long way in your sex life.

There are no different types of orgasms, but there are different ways to achieve them. Orgasm (in terms of actual bodily function) is achieved with a range of intensity and in a variety of ways.

So what? Women's erectile tissue covers a larger area than men's, which means more sexually sensitive areas, which means more ways to reach orgasm! For this reason, we can't guarantee that the following list is nearly comprehensive (there are probably countless orgasms), but it covers the types of orgasms that are reported more often and studied harder by women.

We have all different types of orgasms

1. Clitoral orgasm

If you've never had an orgasm, then the clitoris is probably the best place to start -- as a body part whose sole purpose is to transmit pleasure. Overall, the clitoris is wishbone shaped, mostly invisible, and extends posteriorly into the body. The visible part is the beanball at the tip of the vulva, which is very nerve dense and can make this tip area particularly sensitive.

Give it a try:

Every woman has a different sensitivity to the clitoris. It may take some experimentation to get what makes you feel good, and you may even gain more from touching around the clitoris than from touching directly. Instead of aiming for orgasm, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with your clitoris - move your fingers down (on and around the clitoris) until you find a specific movement or pattern that makes you feel good.

Moving your pointer and middle finger back and forth across the clitoris may feel best, but it's a good way to start with a spiral motion. Start further away from the clitoris, and as each spiral gets closer, notice what feels good during the process. If you feel comfortable with your fingers, consider using an external vibrator around the clitoris, building up slowly (don't use the highest vibrator).

2. Vaginal orgasm

Vaginal orgasms (including G-spot orgasms) are not as common as clitoral orgasms, with only 20% of women reporting vaginal orgasms. This is in stark contrast to depictions in the mainstream and pornographic media, which tend to assume that women will orgasm - and it will be intense - simply through penetrative sex.

Give it a try:

Trying to achieve a vaginal orgasm on your own doesn't have to mimic a quick in and out invasion. Try to press slowly and smoothly, not away from the clitoris you want to touch, but inside.This is where your fingers or toys can be angled or adjusted, and your interior comes in handy. Slowly rotate the end of the toy or your finger in a circular motion toward the front wall of your vagina (pointing from the inside toward your belly button).

Because the clitoris and vagina share neural pathways and muscular structures, clitoris and vaginal orgasms are the same cloth. The next time you have penetrative sex, try touching your clitoris. It will help you reach the edge of vaginal orgasm or combination orgasm.

3. G-spot orgasm

The G-spot is located at the back of the vagina, which makes a G-spot orgasm a vaginal orgasm. Despite its name, it is not a "point" but a "zone". When stimulated, it can be described as stimulating the opposite navel.

Give it a try:

Using your middle finger, insert it deep into your vagina (make sure you're properly lubricated before) until you feel a spongy textured surface. Then, make a "come here" motion with your fingers. If it feels good, you can try using a toy like a dildo or a built-in vibrator. Using lubricant, move slowly and increase as needed. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and focus on what makes you feel good. If you feel that you are getting closer to orgasm but have not crossed the edge, stimulate the clitoris.

A G-Spot Vibrator may be a good choice if you want to get the G-Spot Orgasm.

4. A - spot orgasm

Point A is short for your anterior fornix, which is an arch facing the cervix and slightly deeper than the G-spot. This is a particularly sensitive area of the vagina that plays a key role in generating additional lubrication when you experience overall vaginal irritation.

Give it a try:

Since it's close to the cervix, you'll want to move slowly when you get to point A - hitting the cervix can be uncomfortable, especially during certain phases of your menstrual cycle (menses or near menses).

If you're masturbating, use two fingers, or find a toy longer than 5 inches but not too thick (so it doesn't press against the cervix) with the tip slightly bent. Toys that are good for stimulating the G spot are not good for stimulating the A spot because they have more dramatic curves and won't take you back far enough. Point the toy in the direction of your butt. If convenient, use a pillow or wedge to elevate your butt.

If you're looking for point A stimulation during sex, find the same Angle and lift your hips up with A pillow, or have him keep his hips low and his pelvis up.

5. Cervical/C orgasm

Your cervix is a narrow passage at the base of your uterus -- it varies greatly from woman to woman and varies depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle. In addition, some women have their uterus completely removed in the case of hysterectomy, which obviously affects one's ability to reach cervical orgasm. The size of the penis or the toy it is inserted into can also play a role. If something goes too deep and hits the cervix, it hurts - be sure to be gentle with yourself and communicate with your partner. For many women, deep insertion into the cervix feels good, so it may be worth filming carefully!

Give it a try:

It's hard to reach the cervix with your fingers (or at least uncomfortably), so try a super long toy. The important thing is that if you masturbate or have sex, it can build up. Your best chance of having a cervical orgasm is to be very, very excited. Indulge in a lot of foreplay to stimulate the clitoris, stimulate the G-spot, etc. The deepest insertion is preserved until it is near orgasm and then inserted into the cervix. Dog posture and riding posture are both good posture to allow you to reach a deep enough orgasm.

6. Anal orgasm

There are common nerves between the rectum and vagina, and the legs of the clitoris extend all the way to the anus, so it is entirely possible for someone with a vagina to experience orgasm through anal penetration. The two main ways to get there are through the anal entrance (external sphincter) or the nerves around point A, which can be stimulated by anal insertion.

Give it a try:

The most important thing for any form of anal penetration is adequate lubrication and adequate stimulation... Relax your back. Start with your own clean fingers and use the same navel Angle as when you stimulate your vagina. If you feel comfortable using the toy, start moving the tip of the toy around your anus in a circular motion. What you may feel most comfortable with (and get more pleasure from) is a small toy similar to an anal plug, which can be used alone or in conjunction with vaginal or clitoral stimulation. If you have anal sex with your partner, try the dog style for deeper penetration, or the missionary style for more intimacy.

7. Nipple or breast orgasms

In a study done in the journal Men's Health, nearly 30 percent of the women who took part in the study claimed they could only orgasm by stimulating their nipples. This is because the nipple has a high concentration of nerves that, when stimulated, send signals to the genital sensory cortex (the same place that signals are sent when the vagina or clitoris is stimulated).

Give it a try:

Gently wrap your fingers around your nipples -- this may help apply a little lubricant and make the movement smoother. Any dampness also adds to pleasantries, so nipples are a good place to try ice games or apply oils or lotions. Gently squeeze the entire breast as regularly as possible, massaging the nipple area with the palm of your hand. If you feel comfortable, try pinching the nipple between your thumb and index finger and then "rolling" it to increase the speed and/or intensity in a way that feels good.

8. Energy High (Athletic High/Kundalini)

Energy, or exercise-induced "central orgasm," is hard to achieve intentionally and in most cases requires considerable practice and focus. That said, quite a few people accidentally reach a high energy during exercise, but they don't realize what's going on until it sneaks up on them from nowhere. Although the exact cause of an energy orgasm has not been well studied, it is suspected that it occurs mainly as a result of abdominal muscle fatigue, putting pressure on the clitoris.

Give it a try:

One way to try a core orgasm is simple to explain, but exhausting to do: try working your abdominal muscles. You can do a bunch of sit-ups and focus on the heat and energy that builds up in your groin during exercise and breathing.

The other attempt is harder to explain, but easier on the body. Lie down on a flat, comfortable floor like a yoga mat and breathe deeply, constantly breathing in and out. Shake your pelvis so that your lower back arches on the inhale and squeeze your Kaigl muscles on the exhale and shake them back into place. You may feel this start to irritate your vaginal and clitoral nerves. In this case, begin to open and close your legs like a butterfly while continuing to wiggle/breathe. It may sound complicated, but the focus is on breathing and flowing health and energy.

9. Sleep orgasms

We've all heard about men's sexual dreams. Women can also experience orgasms while asleep -- we just haven't given it a fun name yet. If you wake up from REM (deep) sleep to find yourself having an orgasm, you may have experienced a sleep orgasm, which is an actual physical reaction rather than a dream that you have an orgasm. That said, it's easy to forget if it actually happened, because unlike men, there's not much physical evidence of release and they can go back to sleep after release. Sleep orgasms occur because when you are in REM sleep, the blood flow to your genitals increases, which subconsciously wakes your brain up, mainly to achieve perfection in sexual dreams.

Give it a try:

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you like surprises), sleep orgasms are hard to predict or induce. It's worth trying to have more sexual dreams, as they are often the trigger for sleep orgasms. Start reading erotic novels or TV dramas before bed. You can also delve into the wonderful world of lucid dreaming and turn dreams into sex. Also try sleeping in positions that allow direct access to the clitoris or pubic bone, such as sleeping on your stomach or with a pillow between your legs.

Some extra climax...

Multiple orgasms:

As it sounds, there are multiple orgasms -- more than one orgasm in a scene. It is generally believed that the "maximum" number of consecutive orgasms with the vagina is 5, but some people think it may be more. Multiple orgasms happen because women don't need to last as long as men, and we have more ways to orgasm.

Blended Orgasms: 

Because the erogenous zones are interconnected, and the genital zone is at the core of all erogenous zones, mixed orgasms are very common, especially when the rest of the body and the clitoris are involved. In the case of vaginal, anal, and nipple orgasms, we recommend touching the clitoris to increase your chances of reaching orgasm at other stimulated sites or, more likely, at the same time.


An orgasm is an intense full-body orgasm that usually lasts a long time, whether it's 30 seconds or two hours. For some, it can be a highly spiritual experience, like taking a stimulant.


A microorgasm is a subtle orgasm, sometimes too small to be noticed. Many central orgasms are microorgasms. If they happen by accident, you'll focus less on the current orgasm and more on the movement. It can also describe regular orgasms that stop before they begin, like marginal orgasms. Over time, having a series of conscious microorgasms can be highly rewarding once you finally get yourself fully over the edge.


Female ejaculation -- it's true. Female ejaculation, also known as ejection, is a "wait until it happens, you'll know" feeling, as there is significantly more fluid than the usual wet excitement. About two liquid ounces, to be exact. Scientifically, it's not clear if any of these fluids contain urine, but ejaculation feels similar to urination, so there's a good reason to go to the bathroom before sex or masturbation.

Not every woman has or will have ejaculation, and it's completely normal.