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Some people may think that a good sex session is just foreplay and that both partners have orgasms. But this concept often ignores an equally important part of sex, which is the "afterplay".

Sex experts say post-play is just as important as foreplay, and because sex is the most intimate physical relationship you can have with another person, the end of sex is the best time to build psychological intimacy. If you take this opportunity to interact with your partner and do your post-show work well, you can make your partner feel satisfied and enjoy the sex, which will greatly help later in life. Here are six ways to feel warm after sex:

1. Give it a hug when you're done.

In the study, the most common complaint was that the other person lay down to sleep or switched to sleep after finishing. But, after an orgasm, the brain releases endorphins, followed by oxytocin, which makes the heart feel relaxed and ready to connect emotionally. So take advantage of the chemistry and hug each other for a change.

2. Kissing is a sign of longing.

Whether it's a peck on the lips, a peck on the forehead, or a closed eye, it's still a sign of desire after sex.

3. Compliment others on their beauty or wonderfulness.

Sometimes it's easy to be vulnerable during sex, so complimenting your partner on their external and internal beauty can help defuse their negative feelings and insecurities. Many people may not know how to behave in bed, often under a lot of pressure. At this point, you might as well tell the other person that he is just being nice, which can reduce the other person's self-doubt. The more often you compliment someone, the more likely they are to enjoy sex with you again.

4. Say "I love you"

Saying "I love you" isn't easy for many people, but if you're willing to say it, you'll not only make yourself aware of how you really feel, but the other person will also feel your sincerity. If you have a pregnancy plan, you can say I love you while touching a girl's belly after the scene.

5. Apologize and forgive

If there are unresolved issues in your life, use this time to sincerely apologize or forgive each other and get closer.

6. Gently touch and tuck in

Gently touching the skin on your partner's arms, back, neck, buttocks, etc. can make them feel loved. When you touch your partner, it's even better if it's accompanied by some kissing. Also, pulling a blanket or quilt over and covering them can make them feel cared for.

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