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The tongue is one of the most flexible and powerful muscles in the body. If you use it well during sex and give your partner oral sex, it will definitely increase your interest. And it's a skill that both men and women can learn. As long as you know the ropes, you can help your partner reach orgasm and enjoy the fountain of sex like you found the spring cave.

You can do that with a female

  1. Kiss and lick the nipple: During foreplay, gently kiss your partner around the nipple, then slowly move towards the nipple, moving your tongue around it. When the nipples stiffen, the woman is more open to other stimuli.
  2. Slowly draw a circle around the clitoris: Think of your tongue as a feather and use it to draw a circle around the clitoris. Remember to keep your movements gentle and slow, with a steady, regular rhythm. You can then observe her pleasure level and increase her strength slightly accordingly. You can also flick it with your tongue. The licking process must be gentle and gentle, because the clitoris has more than 6000 terminal nerves and is very sensitive.
  3. Licking from side to side along the clitoris: In addition to circling the clitoris with your tongue, you can also lick from side to side using the clitoris as the central axis. Remember to keep a steady pace and let the other person continue to feel comfortable.

You can do it in front of a man

  1. Focus on the frenulum prepuce: The entire penis can be stimulated with the tongue, especially the frenulum at the intersection of the back of the penis and the glans. There are nerve tracts in this area and it's a very sensitive place. It can be flicked with the tip of the tongue or stimulated in a slow manner.
  2. Play with the foreskin: A man's foreskin is sensitive. If  the man has foreskin,might as well push foreskin back and forth gently with tongue and lip after erection,make each other excited,

Both boys and girls learn

  1. Suffocating French kiss: Intense, long French kiss with caress is an erotically stimulating experience that helps the other person reach orgasm faster.
  2. Touch your partner's lower lip: Sucking your partner's lower lip or flicking it with the tip of your tongue are special nerve stimulations that can make your partner feel sexually aroused.

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