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The romantic atmosphere with the right techniques, to enjoy the real joy of sex. But as we all know, there are some techniques that work but are a little difficult to implement, so let's learn some super practical sex techniques.


Foreplay is especially important because men and women are biologically different and often don't get excited at the same time. So how does foreplay work?

1. Use the Gentle Offensive. Think of the male and female bodies as Musical Instruments. Male playing female body, please gently twist slowly knead, gentle. Women need emotional and mental caress and teasing to provoke love, so slow down, hand and mouth, kiss and caress each other's bodies, from the farthest limb to the breast, breast, clitoris and other key parts of the slow approach.

2. Kiss her a thousand times also not tired of kissing is often a part of the foreplay, men in addition to the lips, hanging, neck, back, nipples, perineum, clitoris and other commonly known sensitive belt, do not ignore the fingers and toes, armpit, inner thigh, elbow and knee joints inside the soft parts, try licking, sucking, biting and other imaginary skills, Provoke mixed reactions.

3. the gentleman's mouth and hands in this intimate moment, the hand is not idle, the finger is as light as light touch, fingertip circle, finger press, digging, in and out of the various "finger skills", can be applied in all imaginable and to be developed sensitive belt. At the same time, close embrace, gentle embrace, body rubbing contact, also often make women's hair stand up, Jiao panting again and again, the body gently

4. Foreplay touchdown can enjoy multiple orgasms men can also help women masturbate at the speed of female masturbation, so that women in the foreplay to reach the first orgasm. This not only lengthens the time, but also allows women to enjoy multiple orgasms during sex. When does foreplay stop? So when exactly should you stop foreplay? You can see it in a woman's lips trying to bite, waving hands, grasping fingers, twisting and rubbing, legs and hips pinching, rapid twittering, wet vagina.

Sexual position

Get to the point after foreplay and try new positions to make it easier for both partners to get excited. Here are three sexual positions that will give you a different experience

1. The female superior sex variation

He lies on his back with his knees pulled toward his chest while she sits mid-leg, facing away from him. This allows the woman to introduce his penis into her vagina.

The man doesn't have much room for movement, but the woman can push up and down, sideways and rotate. She can also use her free hand to stimulate the clinal nucleus. His legs and her toes support her body, so she is comfortable.

2. Traditional variant of leg wrapping neck

She lies on her back in the traditional position, with her legs resting on his shoulders and her feet crossed at the nape of his neck. It's good for penis penetration. If you wrap the legs behind his back, the tilt of the pelvis changes and the contact of the sex organs is enhanced, and you can pull him forward and back in a rhythm of your choosing to control his insertion and withdrawal.

3. Lateral lying position

This sex position is loving, relaxing and suitable for prolonged sex. The two basic side positions are: face to face, back to back, and man against woman's back. They both favor full body contact and allow hands to freely touch large parts of each other's bodies. When lying face to face on the side, the base of the penis is pressed against the pelvic region, so that the clinal nucleus is directly stimulated. Stimulation can be enhanced if the woman lies slightly on her back and the man places a leg between her legs.

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