Sex machine M4 The best known brand of cheap hardcore sex machines.  These can be very severe shocks, with very long stroke lengths also in the Heathsmith advanced model.  The stinger can be moved back and forth to provide a thrust length of 1.75 inches to 5.25 inches, depending on how much in and out you like (I like 2.5 inches;  And then: Wow, tiger!)  The Hismith Premium is definitely the best of Hismith machines, with a 100 watt "silent turbine" (very quiet sex machine!).  The motor, by contrast, is only 48 watts Hismith Table Top 2.0 or unrated watts in the cheaper and more portable Hismith Pro Traveler.  (The intensity of the latter exercise was ok, but not severe.)  Simply put, the Smithies premium is the best price for advancing speed.  

The metal body is big and heavy and requires some assembly.  On the plus side, the Hismith Advanced Sex machine doesn't jump back, and it stays in place even when you're using a larger toy or bouncing back.  

Pictured with included silicone dildo, average size

Like any good sex machine, it has a fully adjustable rotating dial controller with speeds between 10 and 100.  I tend to stay under 70, which is more stressful than my real-life partner.  While the Hismith is one of the "best budget options" compared to under $500, it features fully adjustable Angle positioning, so you can really move the bar up and down to get a huge adjustable height selection and experience various types of gender positions from Sex machine M12.

Before turning on the power switch when the dildo has been inserted into your body, please carefully turn the knob to 0! I have read many stories about men buying this machine for their wives and enjoying hell while watching the resulting orgasm, because their partners beg for more; after carefully testing my own Hismith machine, I got it. (Again, it's definitely best to use a magic wand to win among lazy missionaries.) I have seen C. once used it anal and he was shocked by this power, because again, it might be intense. The only potential disadvantage of the anus (or dog in general) is that the thrust arm is locked in a certain position, so if you move, it will not move with your butt-you need to adjust it manually.

In addition to the absolute speed and adjustability options, the separate accessory option is a highlight of the Sex machine M13.

There are 3 different packages for you to choose. 
Find at: 
$348.9 for Sex machine M13 here (10% off) when you use code ANGEL10 at checkout; or $389.9 for the Sex machine M4 with some attachments, again with code ANGEL10; or $412.9 for the Sex machine M12 with some attachments include Aircraft Cup, again with code ANGEL10.