Sex Toy Machine

In fact, there are a lot of attention to play sex toys, today we will continue to talk about sex toys tips and tips about how to play with toys to soft legs.

1. Different sex toys should use different lubrication

It's better to lubricate the sex toy, because it makes the experience better, right?

Although silicone toys can be anti-sensitive, harmless to the body, but with silicone lubrication with silicone toys, it may make the poor little toy deformation, damage and even dissolve it!

As for water-based lubricants, they can be used on toys of any material.

But there are also some people prefer silicone lubrication, after all, silicone can make the lubrication effect added, texture is relatively viscous ~ so if you really want to use silicone lubricating oil without destroying the premise of silicone toys, remember to use alkaline soap to fully clean after use! Water-based lubricants can be rinsed with water.

2. Massage stick ≠ dildo

Jump egg kind basically IS to be taken with the vibration of toy, let you feel the tingling stimulation.

Massage sticks are more divided into external massage (such as nipple stimulation), and vaginal massage, and some even one machine for both?

As for the dildo, it is more focused on the pleasure of pumping in, although many dildos have vibration function, but compared to the real massage stick/egg, its massage effect is relatively weak ~

So! Choose toys mainly to see what kind of pleasure you want - shortening stimulation or wetting insertion, please choose one!

3. Read the instructions carefully

Different products, have different characteristics, and for different groups of people.

I've seen friends buy vibrators and use them for lumbar massages. A year later, he came to me and said, "The massage ball is too small. Can it be bigger?" It makes me smile.

So correctly read the instructions and use, in order to receive better results.

4. You have to give your toy a little more chance

Just like getting started with sex toys, you may be scared at first of the toys coming into your body, but over time, don't you begin to enjoy them?

So if you buy a toy that you find "difficult to handle" or "not fun," most people don't want to give themselves more time to adapt to it, or to develop different ways of playing.

Because usually used to stimulate and fast usage, but ignored in fact sometimes gentle but slow ecstasy feeling is so strong! So don't try a toy once or twice and throw it away if you don't like it. Give it more chances to get to know your body and you'll know what you need in bed.

5. All to myself, not at all! Good! Play!

I'm not saying that you have to open the nightstand every time you have sex with your boyfriend and ask him to choose which toy to play with today. That might lead him to believe that you don't need him anymore and that the toy is better than him

But if you're sexually aroused today, you can look at your boyfriend and say, "Honey, do you want to do something exciting today? ", because in the process of exploring toys together, two people will also learn more about each other's bodies, sensitive zones, sexual fantasies!

Everyone has a sexual need, and it is everyone's right to enjoy sexual pleasure.

Advances in technology have opened up more possibilities for sex toys, which have more human, visual and emotional interactions. These little toys are meant to make your life easier and happier