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The author believes that each relationship has its own sex skills that work best for that relationship because of the characteristics of each other. This time, the author will talk to you about the sex skills that work for different relationships. You can also get inspiration from the different relationship skills!

Handcraft is a warm-up technique that can be used to start a meal and boost the atmosphere of your foreplay, or as the main course, directly send your partner to the sky. How can you not take the time to study this sex technique, which can be big or small and kill two birds with one stone?

This time, the author will choose a suitable hand technique for different emotional groups, so that different relationships can experience the wonderful change of ten fingers! Regardless of your sexual orientation, love with boys, or love with girls can be found in this handcraft selection, you need to find the happiness!


Girls help boys: Play clarinet straight

Sometimes it's better to go the other way than it is to go the other way. Start by having your partner lie flat on his back, and when his penis is stiff, hold out your eight fingers (except the thumb), taking care of the ventral side of the penis with one hand and the dorsal side with the other, taking turns pressing the penis as fast as a straight flute hole.

At first, you might think that this kind of hand technique won't tickle you, but the amazing thing is that it accumulates each stimulation room by room, and as long as you wait, your partner's penis will definitely respond differently. By the way, I thinks this hand technique is suitable for girls to help boys because girls' fingers are thinner and have more space to move up and down when touching the penis. Boys can obviously feel that the whole penis is taken care of, and doubly excited.

Boys help girls: emergency and patience

As before, don't be fooled by the exaggerated handtricks that the male actors use on the female actors in the movie. In general, that doesn't actually make girls more comfortable, and you'll be exhausted first. The appropriate way to treat a girl is gentle and gentle.

First of all, make your tambourine into a cup and attach it to the girl's private place. Start rubbing slowly back and forth with the minimum friction distance. Remember, maintain a certain speed, which is of course a test of your patience. If you really want your date to walk on the clouds, trust me, it's worth the slow process.

This skill seems ordinary, in fact, the biggest selling point is that everyone ignored the slow. At the same time, it can give girls a warm feeling in the private area, and every moment of friction can gently take care of the clitoris, and make the girls gradually rise. Because the movement is simple, the other hand can also be used to tease a girl's nipple with a variety of stimulation, such as drawing clockwise circles on the nipple, from the largest to the smallest.

Girls for Girls: Front and back

If you're a girl trying to help a girl with a hand trick, this wave might break your idea of girly sex. You crouch down or kneel down. The receiver has your partner stand in front of you with their back to you. With one hand, you reach under his chin and close to his intimate area. At the same time, the other hand stroked her breast, giving her the proper teasing. Finally, bury your face in its butt and lick it with your tongue.

The difficulty with this trick is that there needs to be a certain rhythm between the three stimuli in order to give your partner the most pleasure. Of course, with practice, trust your partner to tell you what pace and pace makes him feel the most comfortable.

Boys helping boys: To each his own

First fill your hands with lube, then ask your partner to lie down. Will his erect penis to his abdomen direction gently press down, your right hand five fingers together, hand and penis parallel to the ventral side of the penis, began to gently slide back and forth, a bit like a girl to help boys' plain stock massage.

While the fun is still going on, your left hand will gently pinch his scrotum. The suggestion is to hold his scrotum the way you would hold a bottle. These two different types of stimulation will definitely impress your date. Remember to use both your right and left hands at the same speed and speed. It's best to gently rub together. Your partner's orgasm will be very strong!

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