Clitoral Sucker

This blog is dedicated to the most revolutionary sex toy in vulva history. It's the gift we've been looking forward to. After all this time, the clitoris gets a lot of attention and its own special sex toys. This toy is designed for intense pleasure. It's no exaggeration to say that with this amazing device, you can get a thrilling orgasm in less than a minute.

So what is a clitoral sucker?

This is a female stimulation device whose main function is to provide more natural and intense stimulation to the clitoris. It may have different shapes or forms, but usually, they are characterized by a rounded "mouth" with an open tip. That's where all the magic happens.

The name "sucker" comes from the technology behind these stimulators. Instead of vibrating, clitoral suckers use air pulses that feel like delicate suckers. Clitoral suckers provide indirect stimulation - Nothing really touches the clitoris like a vibrator, which provides direct stimulation. I know "sucker" may sound like a powerful vacuum cleaner, but the only powerful thing comes from using the toy for orgasm. Don't worry, the suction is mild, similar to oral sex, plus you can always adjust the suction with a button under your head. This makes clitoral suckers good for people who don't like vibrations. In addition, some clitoral suckers can penetrate more of the internal clitoral network for deeper stimulation.

If you like strong clitoral stimulation and you want to try something other than a vibrator, you've come to the right place! Discover all the different types and shapes of clitoral suckers and maybe you'll find some fun for yourself. Who doesn't want a toy that mimics oral sex?

How do clitoral suckers work?

Clitoris suckers deserve their fame thanks to air-pulse technology, which mimics the sensation of oral sex. You might think, how is that possible? Pulsed-air technology uses a small puff of air that feels like a subtle suction. In addition, the shape of the nozzle opening is circular and made of soft silicone, giving the appearance of a perfect clitoral hug. Remember, this trick is just to mimic the feeling of oral sex. It does not like oral sex 100%, but is definitely closer to oral sex than any other method of clitoral stimulation.

Clitoral suction devices bring more pleasure to the clitoris because they feel more natural than traditional vibrations. In simple terms, the vibrator stimulation can be likened to your clitoris being touched thousands of times a minute, and the clitoris suckers feel like soft lips gently sucking on it.

Why do clitoral suckers work so well?

  • They focus entirely on the clitoris. Finally, someone who knows how underrated the clitoris is. The design, the material, the shape, the strength of the suction, are all in order to bring a stronger climax.
  • It feels more natural than a normal vibrator.
  • It's easier to use than a vibrator. Strong vibrations can numb your clitoris. Also, having a rumbling vibrator in your hand can be a little tiring.
  • It can also be used as a breast pump.
  • They are quieter and more discreet than vibrators.

Type of clitoral aspiration

There are many different clitoral suckers. They are different in color, shape, function and design. But the most important difference is the size of the toy. Because all vulvas are different, the clitoris comes in different shapes and sizes. The "mouth" that sucks in the clitoris should be the right size for your clitoris. But now let's focus on the functions of these attractors:

  • Vibration: Bi-stimulating clitoris suckers are designed for those who prefer to stimulate the clitoris through a combination of vibration and attraction. People who like external stimulation will be impressed.
  • G-spot stimulation: Provides both penetration and clitoral suction. There is usually a suction tip attached to the G-spot vibrator to provide a strong sense of insertion and oral sympathy!
  • Remote or app-enabled: Almost everything is an app these days, so clitoral suckers have apps and remote controls. These might be useful for long-distance couples or power games in the bedroom. It can also be a fun experience. Masturbation with a remote control is like oral sex in life.

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