G-Spot Vibrator

What is a G-spot vibrator?

First, let's address the definition of G-spot and clitoral stimulation. The clitoral vibrator focuses on your (you guessed it!) - the clitoris.

Your clitoris is located on your vulva, above the opening of your vagina and urethra. If you want to explore more, we recommend our article on clitoral stimulation techniques. Clitoral resonance is often referred to as an external oscillator.

Tell me more about my G-spot?

The G-spot vibrator focuses (again, very clearly) your G-spot.Your G-spot is a small patch on the front wall of your vagina,about the size of a nickel or a quarter. Its scientific name is Graefen Berg Point,after a male scientist who studied this sensitive area in the early 20th century.It wasn't until 1981,when other (male) scientists published their research on female ejaculation,that the area was named the G-spot in Grafenberg's honor.

What does the G-spot have to do with female ejaculation?

It's all in high water. Clitoral orgasms are just as good as G-spot orgasms, but they're different. G-spot stimulation is more likely to cause ejaculation in women. Now, there are still many studies on female ejaculation that need to be done to learn more about how, or why, female ejaculation occurs, but about 25-50% of women report that they experience this sensation at some point.

Orgasm on the spot is known to be more earth-shattering for women, but without clitoral stimulation, this sensation is less likely to occur. Only about 10 percent of women report that they can orgasm without clitoral stimulation. G-spot vibrators are also commonly known as dildos (colloquial terms) and plug-in vibrators (more technical terms).

They're often not as discreet as clitoral resonances, so if you're looking for resonances, you might accidentally leave it out when the guest is done - you might want to stick with clitoral resonances.

What are the best G-spot vibrators?

Let's take a look at some of the obvious spots of a G-spot toy (or any sex toy). Make sure any vibrators or sex toys you purchase are made of high quality, healthy and safe materials that are 100% phthalate-free. Also, it always makes sense to choose water-resistant toys. We've always been fans of USB charging resonance.

The Rabbit vibrator is by far the most famous G-spot vibrator.

The Rabbit Vibrator has two motors, so both rabbits can vibrate with its Rabbit ears against the clitoris, and it can vibrate with its G-spot at the same time. You can adjust the vibration mode so that the two areas have different vibration modes.