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Having tried so many sex positions with your partner, it can be difficult to find the one that is effortless and deepens your relationship.Try the "spoon" position,which is recommended by European and American sex experts. It will not only allow you to make deep eye contact, but also free up your hands to caress. Insert deeper...Directly to the deepest sensitive zone, let you get horny, orgasm to unbearable ~

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What is the spoon position?

The spoon is for the soup, the fork is for the food, the two can't seem to blend... But in the sex position, they complement each other perfectly!

Lori Beth Bisbey, a psychologist and certified sex therapist, says, "The spoon pose is a cross between caressing and sex."

Although the spoon form sounds complicated, it is actually very simple and easy to understand! Renee Hilliard, Ph.D., a sex and intimacy coach, explains, "The inserter can lie with one leg on their partner's shoulder or straddle their hips; the inserter just needs to find the right Angle and go straight in! If they feel unbalanced, they can support themselves with one arm."

The benefits of spoon and fork

Once done right, there are actually a lot of benefits! "This position allows for deeper penetration of the penis and greater clitoral stimulation!" says Bisbey.

This is also a good face to face position. The spoon position allows both partners to make eye contact, which, while intimidating to some partners, can promote deeper intimacy. According to Dr. Hilliard, the fork position also makes the person feel the increase in penis size.

Also, this position requires very little effort on both sides and is extremely friendly to the disabled.

Dr Hilliard points out that because it does not carry the weight of a partner, it is a good choice for pregnant, newly fed or large couples.

Best of all, if you're the type of person who must stimulate the clitoris in order to reach orgasm, spoon Pose also allows you to free up your hands for stroking or use sex toys to help you reach orgasm.

Here are three fork and spoon sex positions for you!

Spoon position 1: Classic spoon position

The inserted partner lies down with one leg resting on their partner's shoulder; The insertion side is on top of the partner, straight towards the partner, and if you want to go deeper, you can grab your partner's leg resting on your shoulder so that you can go deeper.

Putting a pillow under the insert can also increase pleasure, says Bisbey.

Spoon position 2: Side spoon position

The person being penetrated can rest their legs on their partner's buttocks while lying on their side. The advantage of this position is that both partners can see each other's expressions and free up their hands to use toys or caresses to help achieve orgasm.

Spoon position 3: Back spoon position

Before the classic spoon, this position was often used by passing couples. "Traditionally, the spoon position can be inserted or rubbed between the buttocks or outside the vagina," says Bisbey.

So, for those of you who love the backside, simple caress, try this position! You can also take toys to stimulate your clitoris, faster comfortable to heaven ~

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