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The so-called safe sex is not only can get the pleasure of sex, but also can avoid the risk of sex. There are three main risks of sexual behavior: physical damage, psychological damage and unplanned pregnancy.

Bodily harm means that sexual activity harms the body. Modern science has proved that sexual intercourse can promote the production of dopamine in the body, which can make the cell endocrine "endorphin" activation; Even massage can raise serotonin levels in the body. These have certain anti - pain, relaxation of body and mind and improve immunity.

But sexual misconduct can also harm your health. Sexual activity during overwork, drunkenness, menstruation, pregnancy, puerperium, and sickness can be harmful to health. And when one gets sick, there is a chance of infecting the other; When the mood is bad, the condition of the whole body will be in a sub-health state, the violent impact of sexual behavior may aggravate this sub-health state, then the relatively weak internal organs of the body may get sick.

Psychological damage is the most hurt husband and wife relationship. One-night stands, in particular, are the least safe sex. On the one hand, because they do not know the physical condition of the other side, the other side may get sick and infect the other side. In addition, excessive excitement during sexual behavior will also induce existing diseases in their own organs, especially diseases of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, and even violent death during sexual activities.

On the other hand, many people often have serious psychological sequelae after extramarital sex, such as worrying about being infected with sexually transmitted diseases, worried about being known by their family, especially their spouse, psychological regret, remorse and even long-term worry, panic, thus damaging their health.

So sex between couples is the healthiest kind of sex. Of course, sex between a couple must be consensual in order to be safest. Sex is what you want, what you want, what you want to do. It's not something you can force.

Contraceptive sex generally does not result in an unplanned pregnancy. Contraception can be used by the man or the woman; You can use contraception before or after the fact; Contraception (sterilization) can be used once or permanently. Different methods can be taken to achieve the purpose of contraception.

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