Sex Machine For Women And Men

You might think that sex machines are for porn stars or camera girls, or even just singles who want to be more attractive than other sex toys, but if you think that, you're wrong.

You have no idea how great the sex machine is. It can push forces and speeds you can only normally dream of. A dildo attached to a sex machine will make your pussy feel dead and into orgasmic heaven.

I know this sex machine seems a little crazy, but hear me out...

sex machinesIt's completely hands-free, so you can use it and let your fantasies run wild. It's a huge thrill to let your imagination run wild and imagine your boyfriend thrusting into your mouth while someone is fucking you.

The dildo feels real and, at 7.2 inches long, fits most women perfectly. To feel its lifelike sensations stabbing in and out is something you can't imagine unless you try, let's just say it always needs a good cleaning up when it's done.

It's wonderful that the sex machine maintains a perfect rhythm and can speed up or slow down according to your needs. It's hard for all of us to keep a good rhythm, but the sex machine goes on and on until you need to stop.

It comes with a 0.2-inch (nice and tight) pussy and a 9.5-inch rib tube, which is tight, realistic and feels like fuck another woman.

What does this sex machine do?

sex machine for women

It has an arm that rotates 360 degrees, so you can put it in any position you can think of. On your hands and knees, insert it into your body in the slowest way possible, sucking on your boyfriend's penis and slowly making him increase his speed. It's also unisex, any male can use the dildo that comes with the sex machine, and because of the easy-to-use roller controls, you can start slowly and finish on the highest setting, which is a challenge, but well worth it.

If you're worried about someone in your life finding it, don't worry because it can easily fit under most beds. Once you've cleaned out those two attachments, you can slide the machine under the bed and place the dildo and flesh light in a more secluded spot, if you wish. A sex machine without two attachments looks low-key.

While I've never been this wet using this sex machine, I really recommend using water-based lube as it stops the friction and makes the dildo and meat shine feel a million times better and more real.

If you have a fantasy about being fucked by a new person, a fantasy about having a threesome, or even just getting hot about fuck stuff, push, this sex machine will do it for you. I totally believe that this sex machine will fill you up and stimulate your brain and sex even if you are alone.

The sex machine can be glued to any hard surface with suction cups and comes with a metal stand to make it more durable and stable. Once you try it, you won't want to put it back in the box, so it's best to find a fixed position so you can get up and down at any time.