Supersonic Sex Machine

It is difficult for people to expect sex life to be as colorful as a movie, but they also do not want it to be as rigid as a package. The best sex can be like a buffet, more choices.

Let's take a look at some of the most actionable and fun ways to make sex fun

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Tips to make women obsessed:

  • "Baji mouth" style kissing

The lips are sometimes pursed forward, sometimes retracted, and occasionally make some "tsk tsk" sounds, which can produce wonderful pleasure and mobilize women's sense of hearing and touch at the same time.


  • Create "sexy" pain

Pinch a small piece of his wife's skin and slowly increase the strength. Sensuality and pain are sometimes interlinked, and a woman's sexual interest will be aroused with a slight touch.

  • Naughty kisses

Men can relax their tongue muscles and kiss different parts of their lover's body freely, making every contact between lips and skin soft and fast.

Tips to make a man dizzy:

  • Removes dead skin from sensitive areas

To increase your husband's sensitivity, try exfoliating the dead skin around his chest and neck. The wife can apply the scrub on both hands, then massage these areas in gentle circular motions.

  • Don't ignore a man's feet

A man's feet are extremely sensitive, and stimulating different parts of the soles of his feet can trigger his sex drive.


  • A wrist that cannot be underestimated

The inner side of a man's wrist is smooth and delicate, and it is a sensitive area that is easily overlooked. During sex, the wife can kiss and touch this area.

  • The magic of beads

Find some smooth beads, put some lubricant on it, and rub it gently on your husband's sensitive area. This is a massage-style relaxation that can quickly arouse sexual desire.

Tips for participating together:

The temptation of the blindfold: Put on the blindfold and perceive the other party completely with your hands. Whether touching the other party or being touched, there will be a magical feeling of electric shock.

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The use of sex tools will definitely make the whole sex process easier to reach orgasm!