Tips for adding sex toys to your relationship

If you've decided to include sex toys in your relationship but you don't know how to start using sex toys as a couple, we're here to help you.

Communication is crucial.

Communication is essential in all aspects of life, including sex, which is one of the keys to enhancing our relationships. Before you start anything:

  • Talk to your partner about what you want and don't want to try.
  • Respect each other and go as far as you want.
  • If you and your partner are going to experiment with sex toys, decide on all your sex toys and use them.

Start with the basics.

If you don't have sex toys in your relationship, start with the ones designed to be used together. For example, a vibrating ring is placed at the base of the penis to stimulate both genitals during insertion. It shook up both sides. Another option is anal sex toys. This is a unisex sex toy. You can choose to use it, or please the other person.

Using lube is always a good idea.

Using a lubricant is usually a good idea. Lubricants are best for when you experience vaginal dryness or painful intercourse. You can masturbate with lubricating oil for a greasy, smooth experience. Use sex toys also need to add lubricant. Using water-based lubricants is ideal because they won't harm the toy or our skin. Water-based lubricants are also cheaper than silicone lubricants.

All you need is a drop of lubricant on your sex toys and genitals. You'll find many kinds of lubricants, spices, fragrances, base oils. Choose a more comfortable one for you and your sex toy.

Get carried away with passion

Sex is a natural part of life in the 21st century. Let yourself be swept away by the feelings of the moment, and it's more natural for sex toys to blend into our experience. After all, sex is supposed to be about enjoyment, and the less we worry about it, the easier it is to enjoy it together. You should try sex toys and other fascinating sexual techniques. Get all female and male sex toys from the Internet.

Show your partner the way.

Couples must be able to give guidance and, in addition, communicate about great sex.

If your partner isn't ready for sex toys, give him or her a direction -- 29 percent of couples around the world use sex toys. You can make your partner feel comfortable in guiding, studying and researching. There are many guides and usages that can help you.

Go with the flow and physically travel with sex toys.

Use vibrating toys on the nipples or male glans to arouse sexual desire. Stimulate any erogenous zone by caressing, kissing, and biting. You should just go with the flow. Try a sex toy that will stimulate your partner's P spot, but small vibratory bombs can easily irritate the perineum.


When you use sex toys, you will discover a whole new world of feelings and happiness. A new way to interact with your partner and enjoy your time together. The use of sex toys will help you enjoy sex more.

Talk to your spouse and see what you'd like to try together. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss sex in depth -- your fantasies, desires, and things you'd like to try. Take your partner's advice.

Sex toys have greatly improved the sex lives of many people. Sure, you can still have sex without them, but including them will give you more options! You can choose the type of happiness you want to experience. Toys can really spice up your sex life. Buy sex toys from sex toy websites.