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Most men prefer the backward style. It stimulates a woman's depth, and a man's easy touch doubles pleasure.

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Women on top are more likely to orgasm

The woman on top position, also known as the woman on top position. This position allows the woman to determine the Angle and speed. In this position, women can also decide whether to use clitoral or G-spot stimulation to achieve orgasm. For the former, a woman can lean forward with her back bent and her lower body pressed against the base of her partner's penis. Try moving sideways from side to side to rub the G-spot. Orgasm is something many women dream about. What woman wouldn't love to have an orgasm if she could?

The supine position is more cuddly

There is no sex, is not touching. But quick sex, can definitely make a woman at that moment, shout out. The woman can lie on her back on a table with her limbs spread out and the man standing in front of her. The Angle of the pose and the force of the motion will get the heat up in the shortest possible time. And the rapid expansion of enthusiasm, absolutely let women melt at that moment. The only downside, though, is that men can be so stimulated that they can't control their orgasms. While we're enjoying this amazing experience, men should also pay attention to controlling their orgasms.

Missionary style is more durable

Another name for the traditional pose is missionary pose. Missionary style is popular for a reason. This pose is the favorite of Chinese men and women. This posture also allows both partners to continue to tongue kiss, touch each other and gaze at each other, enriching the emotional exchange. To change the monotony of this traditional pose, men can change their Angle and women can twist their hips. In fact, traditional posture, as long as a little change, can achieve different effects, experience different wonderful feelings. But only if the changes are reasonable and manageable.

The backward type is more exciting

If you want more stimulation and more pleasure, don't miss this pose. Most men prefer the backward style. It stimulates a woman's depth, and a man's easy touch doubles pleasure. However, at this time men should pay attention to strength, so as not to hurt the female companion. At the same time, it's important to note that not all women like the backward style. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain the woman's consent when adopting this position in order to consummate the sex.

The extension time is more lasting

No pose, like this one, can make us feel the magic of flesh and soul. Premature ejaculation, impotence, when these words are with us, even sex becomes less effective. And this posture, liberated the vast majority of men. Because of the small range of action, can prolong the orgasm time, very suitable for easy premature ejaculation impotence men. Moreover, this kind of posture, because it is face to face, is more conducive to the couple whisper in the ear, enjoy the same spirit and flesh.

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