Sex Toy Waterproof

At a time when sex on land is no longer enough for couples, moving the venue to the water may be a new goal everyone wants to challenge.But water sex is risky,so here's a one-time analysis of the potential problems in two types of water sex venues for anyone who wants to try it.

1. Indoor: Shower room and bathtub

When sharing a bath, one cannot but love fire. When you have to fight, be aware of the following: The risk of bathroom sparks.

  • Shower: While you can enjoy the thrill of standing in the shower, there may also be an increased risk of condom slip-offs. And the shower gel is so smooth, if you fall off, you can say that sex is not the last thing.
  • In the tub: The two of them snuggling up in the tub sounds romantic. Compared to showers, the risk of falling is lower. But unlike a shower, the water in a bathtub is actually stagnant. What virus is in the water, just can flow into the body.

2. Outdoors: by the sea and streams

If you yearn for nature, tire of the urban jungle, or borrow a room from Mother Earth, you can be satisfied. Here are the risks of trying to have sex in open water.

  • By the sea: Having sex on the beach or in the ocean sounds great, but it may not only be uncomfortable, it may also leave you cold, or make you unsteady on your feet and increase the risk of falling.
  • River: Usually there are more trees where there are streams, but there are more insects where there are trees. So when both are naked and ready for lightning to fan the flames, mosquitoes and bacteria stick together to join the fight and potentially cause a serious infection. And the temperature on the mountain is generally relatively low, a do not pay attention to will catch a cold.
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