Porn with sex machines 

Women (thank goodness!) Has gone far beyond the "no man is a problem" ideology of our ancient ancestors. If you're single, I don't have to tell you that you're fine (I dare say "you go, girl!" )

Whether you want to start dating again or vow to get out of your relationship for good, being single is one of the most liberating and self-enriching life experiences you can have. It gives you a chance to stop and think, "What do I want?" What do I need? How can I be the happiest version of myself? "Because being single doesn't mean you're a withered plum, we've come up with 4 ways you can increase your sex life if you're ready!

1. No appointment on Friday night? Put yourself!

When a relationship ends, you may find yourself a little lost because you've been meeting someone else's needs for the past few months or years. Now it's your turn. Take the time to know yourself. Go to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite dish. Plus two chocolate desserts and a glass of red wine. Dress up. When the waiter smiles at you, flirt with him. The idea is to make you feel special, beautiful, popular and approachable. Before starting a relationship, you need to get to know yourself and spend some quality time with you.

2. It's all about you and your selfies

Do you remember those naughty selfies you took to send to your partner when you didn't feel normal? No partner doesn't mean no selfies. Help yourself to some. Put on your sexiest underwear. Practice your hottest dance moves in front of the mirror, strip, and take some super sexy selfies. Your imagination is your best friend and no one can judge you. You'll be surprised at how naughty you let yourself feel. This way, you can watch yourself in action and see how sexy and desirable you are. A win-win situation!

3. Your touch is like fire on ice

Generally speaking, in my experience, step two leads to step three. When you've outperformed all the strippers in the country, start touching your whole body. Feel every inch of your body, know every minute of it. Squeeze, massage, knead, whatever feels good to you. The greatest gift you can give yourself is knowing what's making your back numb and your toes weak. Believe it or not, this will greatly improve your orgasmic ability. When a partner is introduced, because you can instruct your partner on what to do, it just makes you complain. Maybe it's time to get out that new vibrator you bought after your last breakup.

4. Speaking of toys...

As you figure out what makes your body feel good, take some time to fantasize about what makes your brain feel good. In other words, build your ultimate fantasy. Whether it's joss sticks, bubble baths, Frank Sinatra, latex suits, high heels and whips, it's up to you, because it's all your business. Act it out, play a role, or just let your mind wander to a place it may never have been before. Maybe you can buy something that goes well with this newfound fantasy. That way, when you decide to act on it, you'll be ready!