So you want to have sex? Who doesn't? It's not sex meat, and it's not just a nerve-racking topic. For couples, sex is sex. For the experimenter, it was a way of revealing the beginning of life. Inside your bedroom, here's how to make your man's first sexual desires come true.

Stimulate his sex drive

Buy some underwear online so you can see your boobs like hide and seek. Let your man dream before he acts. Swear on the phone before you're ready to take the plunge. Give your man a kick before you take your clothes off. This is another wish that most men would like to have. Once he enters your room, act like you want to sleep with him. Seduce him step by step. After being entangled in your net for a while, what men crave most is an orgasm. Boost your libido by offering more than your man wants. Take off your clothes and entertain your man with the wildest moves in bed. Change positions every time you have sex.

It's a guy thing.

Men have no qualms about showing dominance. It's in your underwear, which you bought from an online lingerie store, or in bed, when you're soaking wet and waiting to get lost in a sea of ecstasy. Give your man what he wants, and only by holding him accountable can you begin. Arms and legs in the bedroom don't mean violence. Even when your man leaves his personal possessions to your mouth or hand, getting him to be rude is the fantasy desire of most men.

Bottom pocket: We guess you have to watch your pocket and make it feel loved. Try to look deeper. Your man is almost silent when he orgasms, unless he has an erection. It's time to find his second niche. Just protect the ball and relax a little bit. When you hit on him and squeezed him. Prick him in the center of the ball, give him a taste of the sky. We bet he'll never stop longing for your love. Come on, girls!

Try giving him a massage with ice cubes: If you're so sexy and irresistible, your man might fall in love with you at first sight. But, letting him eat you and do dog bites every day may bleed you dry and make you high! Use your foreplay to get an ice massage on his organs. See what the hardest hand feels like. Put his assets in your mouth, and your mouth can be filled with hot water! We know it sounds rough, but this and the action had explosive results for him.

It's time for revenge. - Find his G-spot!

When he hits you with unerring accuracy, you groan, cry, scream and scream all at the same time. Rough hands let you devour his loot like a pirate. When he tickles you and touches your G-spot, your orgasm may even hit a new high. Don't you think it's time for revenge? We think so. Let him pull on your chest and pinch you. Get him charged, then arrest him for sexual gratification.

Turn on the air conditioner and sleep on the bed. Even if your man is in the right G-spot position, he can reach orgasm despite his preacher or 69 mistakes. "Stimulating these acupoints not only makes men feel great, but also builds sexual tension throughout the body and increases blood flow to the genitals," says author Len Craner.

Let him bite you.

Now, you're in love, and he's practically ripping your clothes off. It's time to unlock his next move and realize his sexuality. Turn your man into a tiger. You can make him hard and wet like a lioness, but when you want to control yourself and go deep, let him chew you up. He can hit you, pinch your chest and hips. Your man definitely wants to have your body and then take his place in your private life!

Not for the faint of heart: While you want your man to shine happily, we'll make it harder. This is for the brave man -- hold his organs -- erect, push hard with his hands, knead and push away. See his nervous expression, see the pink guy staring at you as soon as the skin drops. As he pulls you closer, gently put your pinky in. The amazing pleasure your man experiences can only be proved when he hippies you, pours all the milk out, and spills it.

We suggest you go crazy in bed. There is nothing greater than when a man finds his woman crazy for his members and for him. Apply a syrupy lubricant to his thighs and massage the "thing" smoothly. Once you know the best place for him to orgasm, he's yours. A slave who is still your master.

What's more,you can use sex toys and machines appropriately to pleasure your man and give him stimulation.