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Ambiguous sexual language

Verbal communication is an important form of sexual communication. When a person speaks, the vibrations in his voice express emotions and stimulate our imagination. Language includes not only words, but also timbre, pitch and volume. The use of language to convey or respond to the sexual demands of the other party can raise the general emotional communication to rational knowledge.

Human love is different from sexual love in the animal kingdom, and its important basis is emotional communication by means of language communication. Due to the influence of education level and concept, the use of language in sexual communication is often characterized by ambiguity.

An aphrodisiac groan

Sexual excitement and orgasm, men and women issued a groan, is also quite stimulating, especially for men. "When I'm having sex with my wife and I hear her scream," said a 28-year-old man. "The more she screams, the more excited I get because her scream makes me feel like I've done something to cheer her up."

Another 30-year-old confessed: "My wife's deep groans during orgasm are very seductive and provocative." It could be argued that the man's verbal communication during foreplay is crucial to the woman's sexual arousal, while the woman's voice during intimacy has an aphrodisiac effect on the man.

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The groans women make during sex are different, but the language they use is similar, such as "quick," "It's too much," and "Don't stop!" And so on, do not need to learn will naturally blurt out, it is the world's women's common language.

Your breathing rate gets faster

The reason why the female can appear groan in sexual excitement, is because breathing and heart rate accelerate obviously, central nervous excitement, cause blood pressure to rise, aerobic metabolism to accelerate. At this point the breaths can be up to 40 beats per minute, heart rate increases to 120 beats per minute, individual can reach 150 beats per minute -160 beats per minute. Because of the decrease of oxygen content in blood,the female can be plunged into a slight anoxic state, the breathing disorder that quickened,can naturally send out orgasms place peculiar stuffy cry.Faster breathing sounds also make men more excited.

At the same time, an increase in the "excitatory substance" in the female brain (which is still very limited in understanding) can relieve the inhibitory effect of the brain, which can cause the female to make a cry (called "calling the bed" in sexology) that even she can't imagine.

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