Pornhub Sex Toys

When considering what toys to buy for yourself, your partner, or each person, try to understand their intended purpose, what each person is looking for, and what each partner might be willing to explore.

Vaginal stimulation toy

flashlight sex toy

  • G-spot stimulator: A curved vibrator designed to align the G-spot in the vagina more easily (Grafenberg).
  • Penis/Vibrating dildo: Plug-in toys of various shapes, colors, girth and lengths.
  • Clitoral attraction toy: Through a small lid placed on the clitoris, stimulate the clitoris with air suction. Use it when your partner is stimulating the vagina or other body parts.
  • Bullet Vibrator: A compact vibrator that provides a softer and finer precise touch. Most commonly used to stimulate the clitoris, bullet vibrators can be used to stimulate any erogenous area.
  • Rabbit: A double-action toy that combines a dildo to stimulate the vagina and clitoris. When the silicone shaft passes through the vagina, it vibrates the rabbit's ears and gently stimulates the clitoris.
  • Double-ended dildo: A silicone rod up to 16 inches in length or longer that can be threaded through two holes at once. Double-headed dildos can be inserted into two vaginal canals or both vaginal and anal canals at the same time.

Toys that stimulate the penis

  • Coop/Vibrating coop: It's like wrapping a rubber band around your finger; Placing it at the base of the penis or testicles prevents blood from leaving the penis, resulting in a thicker and longer erection and increased sensitivity. The addition of vibrations stimulates not only the penis but also the penetration of the partner.
  • Egg keeping: A toy, usually made for masturbation, made of a super flexible material that slides up and down the shaft of the penis. It can be used for various forms of mate play, as well as sexual multitasking.
  • Stick vibrator or massager: Vibrator or massager toys can be used on the head of the penis (the most sensitive area), the shaft of the penis, and the testicles.

Toys that stimulate the anus

  • Prostate massager: A pluggable toy used to stimulate the prostate (point P). Prostate massagers can be used alone or in combination with other sexual activities, such as penetrating a partner or receiving oral sex.
  • Anal bead: A number of small balls of increasing size that are gradually inserted into the anal canal, removed and re-inserted. Anal beads can be inserted and removed at different rates during anal sex and can vary in size.
magic wand sex toy

  • Anal plug: A short toy that can be inserted to penetrate the anal canal and remain inside. The flange end is used to prevent embolism from being lost in the rectum.
  • Penis/Vibrating dildo: Plug-in toys of various shapes, colors, girth and lengths. When inserted into the anus, it can stimulate the prostate and anal glands.
  • Double indulgence vibrator: The vibrating dildo is attached to the second dildo of the base and penetrates the vagina and anal canal.
  • Double-headed dildo: As mentioned earlier, it can be 16 inches or more in length and can be inserted into two anal canals simultaneously.