Sex machines

Sex has fascinated me for a long time.

In many ways, they are very simple contraptions -- just a push rod with a silicone plug at the end. But they can still pioneer new ways to masturbate and have sex.

I first saw it in the bondage video.

The scene depicts a woman being stripped naked by a dildo attached to a machine, tied up, and then having sex.

I thought it would be hard, but it wasn't. Aside from the rope and all the mechanical forces, it's an incredible sensory machine to fuck.

Dom fiddled with the dials, adjusting the speed of the thrust, telling her she was not allowed to come.

Every time she came close to orgasm, he laughed at her and couldn't help it.

It's harmonious. Everything they do is so fucking hot. This machine makes control games seem more intense.

I was immediately convinced. I want a machine like this. I really want one.

I fantasized about using it differently.

Obviously, I would love to recreate that video. If I could be a girl tied up, attacked, teased, I would be happy.

I'd love to give the controller to my husband and see what he does. That's one of the benefits of being submissive -- I can let him set and imagine.

One of the best things about having a computer is that it helps me play single-player games.

In recent months, my masturbation has become more sophisticated.

I know how to take it easy. If I use the vibrator correctly, I can get the perfect stimulation and pressure to achieve my goals.

However, I often try to get the most out of the experience. I want something different. I want to have a mixed orgasm. I'm going to take this journey seriously, like it's the climax at the end.

I use lots of lubricants, different vibrators, dildos, Daisy plugs, whatever I want to enjoy. But sometimes, it's a bit of a challenge.

It's great to use a dildo while stimulating your clitoris, but it takes a little focus and effort.

It's worth a try, but I know it's a lot easier with the sex machine. When I enjoy the clitoris, it can dry me at any speed I set.

Also, I'm curious. What does it feel like to be machine-dried? Is it like masturbating with an automatic dildo? Or is it more like being fucked? It was a very different feeling, and I wanted to know.

But for a long time, I thought of the sex machine as a swing and a sex doll. It's all I fucking want, but I keep telling myself I don't.

None of this is classified, okay?

Then one day, I snapped out of it. I realized THAT I had been stupid. There are many reasons not to buy a sex doll or swing, but there are even more reasons to buy one and see how much fun they can be.

But first, I decided to try the sex machine. Because life is too short not to get killed by a little mechanical engine.

My first sex machine
The sex machine I want to try is Smith's Desktop 2 Advanced Sex Machine. They are a sex toy company, specializing in sex toy machines. They gave me one in exchange for an honest comment.

It's a very small machine, which means I can easily hide it in my closet. It's a little heavy, but not too heavy, so EVERY time I want to use it, I have to text my husband and ask him to make me a sex machine.

Unless you know what a sex machine looks like, it doesn't really smell like much of a sex toy. It's just a simple little black thing with a motor, a lever that moves like an old locomotive wheel, and a dial that looks like it could be used to control a model train.

But there's no mistaking the purpose of this thing with an attachment.

I have two dildos designed specifically for sex machines. One is about the average size of a rooster. Another bigger touch, but looked and felt more real, which made me very excited.

Once you attach them to the end of the pole, it turns the gadget into a machine. It looks like it's going to fuck you faster and harder than anything (or anyone).
I kid you not, it's kind of scary to see all this laid out. I'm a little worried about accidentally turning the dial to 100 and getting more than I bargained for. But I keep reminding myself that no matter what happens, I'll have the remote in my hand.

Before USING it, though, I had to decide where TO put it. As the name suggests, it's a desktop model, but I'm not going to lie naked on the kitchen table and let the machine fuck me. At least until all the kids go to school.

My massage table would be a comfortable choice, but I want more room for pillows, and I don't want to worry about accidentally knocking the machine off the side. My bedroom floor is always like this, but it's cold and hard. So, I decided to try it in bed.

I set up the machine, plugged it into a socket, and fitted a little dildo. Once I was ready, I turned on some of my favorite audio porn, took off my clothes and slowly stroked my genitals with my fingertips while listening.

When I was wet enough, I sprayed a few drops of lubricant on the palm of my hand and rubbed it along the shaft of my dildo.

Crossing off a dildo before using it is one of my masturbation habits. It's always good to masturbate more, but it also gets me excited and lubricated. I want the machine to be smooth before I turn on the dials.

I wanted to use it easily, so I positioned myself close enough so that the top of the dildo touched my genitals.

By the time I started using the machine, I had fallen completely in love with it. Watching the silicone rub my labia all the way up to my clitoris, and then repeat in perfect rhythm, was really exciting.

I thought it was just a warm-up, but I got closer and picked up the pace so I could have a good round.

Too good to stop. I let it continue, the machine let me do it, and I watched it slide over my wet labia.

Once I stop shaking, it's time to get to work. The mechanical work is first-rate, but when you have a machine like this, you can get it done.

I lifted my butt so didier would slide on me. I let the machine creep along, getting lost in the porn audio while BEING fucked.

I held the handle and slowly turned up the dial until I got what I wanted: a hands-free orgasm.

It was really fun, but I'm ready for another attachment. I needed to know how close this machine was to real sex, and to do that I had to use a dildo that looked and felt more like a cock.
I repeat my routine -- lubricate it, cross it out, scratch my clitoris with it. This one is better than the last one. It rubbed my genitals beautifully, just like the dildo did last time, but this time it looked exactly like my husband rubbed my genitals with his dick. Realism is impressive -- it gives me greater pleasure.

I opened my lips and let the machine rub my clitoris harder. It wasn't long before my pleasure was established and I was on another high.

This time, I kind of can't wait to get to the next step. I tilt my hips and let the rooster bash my pussy, which is a little harder than I expected.

The chunky dildo made me feel stretched, so I grabbed lubricant and slathered it. I rubbed my lubricated fingers against my clitoris several times while letting the machine work. It slammed into me -- even at a slow setup, I was highly aware that this was a piston pumping water into my body.

The machine was fucking me, and it was at a good Angle, so I popped up. These sneaky orgasms are rare, but they are my favorite -- something that catches me off guard and makes me even more excited. This is really amazing. My leg is broken. My back left the bed. From exulting to drowning in it, I couldn't make a sound.

I turned off the machine and stayed where I was for a while, trying to recover from the incredible experience. I'm so grateful that I finally know what it feels like to be fucked by a machine.

Every woman should have a toy to fuck her with.
The sex machine is by far the most bulky toy I've ever played with. Setting up and starting up are also the most laborious. But it still has a place in my toycircle.

I've always liked it as a separate toy, but I plan to use it with my husband, too.

We both like to play threesomes, and it strengthens our relationship. We use dildos for this, but it's easier to get lost in fantasy when neither of us has to actually manipulate the extra penis we're playing with.

And I know Mr. Austin would like to see me killed by this thing. When I'm having a good day and feeling really cute and really hungry, I'll sit him down and watch me get fucked in the spot of his choosing.

I would have had him tie me up and recreate the erotic scene that made me want to be fucked by a machine.

I like to make my own porno, too. I never share it with anyone, just when I'm in a horny mood and something interesting is going on, set the lights, set the camera, get a good Angle and do some dirty work on the video. With the sex machine, I've opened up a lot of possibilities that I couldn't have filmed before.

However, it is most useful to me when I play with myself. It's a very fancy way to masturbate, but I think every woman should have the luxury of masturbating once in a while.

It's the perfect hybrid orgasm - you can rub your clitoris or use whatever vibrator you like while the machine fucks you.

And it's fucking perfect. Speeds range from a slow glide, which will make your pants romantic, to a heavy impact, which will hit you faster than anyone else. You can choose your pace, enjoy very precise sex, keep a steady rhythm from your cock, and don't change its rhythm unless you miss it and don't stop until you're done.

Aside from setting the time, the only real downside to using this thing is that you could get stabbed by your penis if you're not careful, and the default dildo it comes with isn't spectacular. But this problem can be solved by buying extra dildos or accessories for sex machines that allow you to stick your own sucker toy to them.

It also has great tunability - you can adjust the Angle up and down or modify the thrust length. But if I was looking for a new one, I'd opt for Hissmith's APP to control the sex machine, as it seems to have more flexibility in location.

Using a sex machine is obviously no substitute for real sex. Although it brought me here a few times, I didn't develop an emotional connection with it. It doesn't speak my favorite language, compliment me, or swear at me (though audio porn helps). It doesn't have the sensory elements that you get when you have sex with another person - the touch, the warmth, the sound of their breath.

But if you lie down and close your eyes, you'll feel pretty close to being fucked by a real dick. Sometimes, that's all a girl needs.