Sex Machines

Not all sexual intercourse techniques will make women happy, but there are always several methods of intercourse. These techniques are definitely every man's dream, don't rush, here are 10 sex techniques you can try.

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1. Play sex first.

If you have sex directly, it's hard to orgasm. Kiss, touch, and oral sex for at least 10 to 20 minutes. During sex, orgasm should be easy to achieve.

2. Have sex with your eyes open.

Connecting with your partner allows you to focus on each other and orgasm. Opening your eyes during sex can add to each other and sex appeal.

3. Sex is controlled breathing.

Holding your breath during sex makes it hard for your body to orgasm. Keep your breath flowing throughout.

4, Pay attention to sexual intercourse.

Don't let your mind get distracted, focus and enjoy the sex.

5. Sexual intercourse requires positioning.

If you know which position is most likely to reach orgasm, move into that position as you prepare to reach orgasm.

6. Bring your pelvis close to each other during sex.

In this way, the penis and pelvis can rub against the pelvis and pubic bone.

7. Choose a high position.

Being on top makes it easier for your clitoris to come into contact with his pubis and therefore easier to orgasm.

8. Caress with your hands during sex.

When his penis is inside your vagina, use your hands to stimulate the penis to achieve orgasm.

9. Sprint at a proper pace.

When preparing for orgasm, find the rhythm and intensity that works and maintain it.

10. Control sexual intercourse and ejaculation.

A man must be able to recognize the mood before no return and wait until he is ready to arrive at the place of no return. Men should learn to control their sexual excitement so that they can orgasm at any time.