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Want to lose weight but can't be bothered to hit the gym?Want to stay in bed with your partner and get some exercise?Is there a way to exercise in bed?Yes! To introduce you to 5 CP value super high "home exercise" sex positions, not only let you orgasm,but also can sculpt your figure!

Guys, have you ever heard of Sexercises? Sexercises is a combination of Sex + Exercises, which means "sex" + "exercise". Did you know that sex has many benefits? In addition to orgasms, which can help boost your positive mood, sex can also be a form of exercise. During sex, it can stretch your muscles and improve your heart and lung function. Studies show that every 30 minutes of sex burns an average of 85 calories!

In this article, we have selected 5 "yoga" sex poses. Through different poses, we can train your different muscles and sculpt your ideal figure for you. Next, let's move towards the climax and sweat!

Eliminate the butterfly sleeve: Downward facing dog

The feet open, foot flat on the ground, then bend down to support the hands on the ground, the buttocks into the air, let your back of the head, back, waist into a straight line, to complete the "down behind type", with you and the other half more and more passionate, you will feel their "arm" muscles are straining, and feel your "upper back" and "legs" muscles are stretching. At this point, you can spread your legs more and let your partner push deeper and deeper, or bend your knees slightly to adjust the height that suits you and your partner.

Sculpture sexy hips: arch bridge style

Lie on the bed first,bend your knees, open your legs to shoulder width, relax your hands flat on both sides of the body, ready, use the strength of your thighs and hips, raise your hips, so that thigh, waist, chest into a straight line, at this time, the body will be similar to the shape of "arch bridge", This position works your "back thighs," "hips," and "lower back" muscles.

Insert your partner gently between your legs, and you will feel the muscles of your buttocks very hard and even tremble slightly. Your vagina will also contract very tightly because of the hip elevation, your partner can easily push up to the most sensitive G-spot above your vagina. Although it may be a little sour, it means that this position really works. You're going to climax together, and you're going to get a nice pair of ass!

Stretch your thigh muscles: Reclining butterfly pose

Sit on the ground and place the soles of your feet together as close to your perineum as possible. Spread your knees so that your legs form a beautiful "butterfly" shape. Then take a deep breath and slowly lie down with your upper body flat.

Your hands can be 45 degrees Angle flat on both sides of the body, you can also put your arms on the top of the position, let your other half slightly strong hold your wrist, or tie a tie, feel the feeling of "being dominated", your sexy breasts will be at a glance, with each deep into the body can not help shaking! (Blush recommended: Tonight, how do you want to touch? Little monster ring, light you up with your fingertips)

Soothe sore neck: Plow Pose

First lie flat on the ground with your hands palms down on both sides of your body, bend your knees, lift your knees close to your chest, and then forcefully lift your hips off the ground, so that your hips, waist and back slowly off the ground, straighten your spine, your hands can support your waist, to help stabilize your movement, you will feel the neck and back muscles thoroughly extended, Let the usual work accumulated "shoulder, neck, spine pain" get relief.

This is one of the more difficult yoga poses. Your partner must be very "gentle" and deep into you. Be careful of your neck safety! (Blush recommended: Sex position: 'Olympic Gymnastics' pushing the limits of orgasm)

Firm thigh curve: Kneel sitting + Squat

Do you feel like you were the only one doing that? Next, this position allows both of you to reach your thighs!

First of all, ask your partner to sit on his knees, support his hands on the ground behind him, fingertips forward, straight back, back stretch, you will feel the front thigh muscles and back stretch; At this time, you will open your legs on both sides of his body, thigh bending squat posture, alignment good destination, slowly deep breathing squat down, feel his firm deep into the deepest vagina, and then raise your hips, do this ten times, to ensure that your thigh acid to no!

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